10 Best Trampolines For Kids

Every mom wishes their kids to put down their tech device to do some physical and have fun. Trampolines for kids is a simple way to consume energy, increase fitness and enjoy some fun. At the same time, it can provide a jumping place that kids can jump and bounce freely and safely.

For children, a super trampoline for kids is highlight for every birthday party and family reunion.
Kids trampoline brings endless fun and benefits to our life, jumping on the trampoline to improve your child’s sports skills. It also promotes better muscle development, enhances joint strength, and improves bone stability. There is one thing you should notice, young children should remain in the mini trampoline until the age of 6. According to research, 10 minutes of jumping every day can keep your baby stay in healthy. For Children’s negative behaviors caused by pressure, a jumping trampoline can handle it quickly. Because this exercise helps to relieve pressure so you may have plagued children.

What should we look for when buying trampoline for kids?


Although it offers much fun for all, it also poses a safety risk for children. When parents select a super trampoline for kids, they must carefully check the enclosures surrounding the trampoline, even it’s not a must, for a trampoline without handle, the safety net can effectively prevent kids from falling out of the trampoline on the ground.


From the mini trampoline with 5 ft to the large outdoor trampoline reaches 15ft, you need to make up your mind the size of the trampolines for kids. If you plan to prepare an indoor trampoline, you can buy the 5 ft trampoline. While, if you need a trampoline park to entertain your children and all of your friends, you may try the giant outdoor trampoline with net in your yard. Generally speaking, the bigger size, the heavier weight.

The trampoline cost is not a small sum of money, and we have to decide your budget before buying. For kid’s first trampoline, you can consider the mini trampoline or foldable trampoline. It’s more economical than the big trampoline which price can even reach 1,000 dollars.


How we selected the best trampoline for Kids?

When you plan to add trampolines to your backyard, it’s not always right to buy the bigger size because it means a large space. When you make up your mind to buy a trampoline for kids, please measure your yard size first. Every trampoline we choose is carefully checked for kids’ fun and safety. We also have fully analyzed the trampoline based on brand background and customer service. All the trampolines for kids are meet safety standards with a rating of at least 4 stars. We also consider the price and style, and the products we have chosen can suit most people.

Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net
✔Six colors available.
✔Saving space.
✔No gap between enclosure net and jumping mat2.
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Skywalker 12ft round trampoline Enclosure with Spring Pad
✔Back yard trampoline.
✔Trampoline for kids and adults.
✔Heavy frame ensure long time use.
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LANGXUN 5ft Panda Trampoline for Kids
✔Cool panda style trampoline
✔Stronger galvanized springs.
✔The quality is worthy
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2021 Upgraded Dinosaur Mini Trampoline for Kids with Handle
✔With a dinosaur feature.
✔Support weight up to 220lbs.
✔30 days money-back guarantee.
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Zupapa Trampoline for Kids with Enclosure Net
✔No dangerous gap between jumping net.
✔Stronger material contribute to sturdy trampoline.
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Giantex outdoor Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net
✔Four U-shaped legs makes trampoline stable.
✔Safety enclosure net.
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Jump2It mini oval trampoline for 2
✔Built for two kids to jump face to face.
✔Adjustable Foam coated handlebar.
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Happy Trampoline Outdoor Rectangle Trampoline with Net Enclosure
✔Lifetime Warranty on Frame and Springs.
✔550 Lbs Jumping weight capacity.
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BERG 17ft Inground Trampoline for Kids
✔Designed for long and safe jumping.
✔Twinspring Gold springs allow large jumping area.
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Lovely Snail 5FT Trampoline for Kids with Basketball Hoop
✔Galvanized springs offer better Bounce.
✔W-shaped legs create a stable frame structure.
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1. Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net


  • Cheap price.
  • Take up less space.
  • Mesh enclose.
  • Three-year limited warranty. 
  • Portable trampoline.


  • Some bad reviews.

This Skywalker mini trampoline is the best-selling item in the category of trampolines on Amazon. For the parent who plans to buy the first trampoline for their kids, I believe this one is the perfect starter. Because this brand takes safety as a priority, all the trampoline of Skywalker has gained the certification of ASTM. Featured with a mesh enclosure that eliminates gaps between the net and the jumping surface, this rebounding trampoline can protect your kid. When they enjoy jumping, a fully padded handlebar can keep the kid’s stability. In fact, this skywalker trampoline is an indoor trampoline only because it’s not very heavy. However, the maxi weight can reach to 100 pounds, you can create a trampoline park at home for your kids and their little friends.

2. Skywalker 12ft Round Trampoline Enclosure with Spring Pad


  • For all jumpers to have fun together.
  • Effectively anti rust.
  • The spring pad is softer.
  • T-Sockets can increase the stability


  • It’s not easy to move.

This 12ft trampoline is the size of all jumpers to have fun together. And thanks to the innovative safety features, all your family will fully enjoy many years of jumping fun.
The reinforced welded T-shaped socket fixes the shell frame to the trampoline frame, avoiding structural distortion. And the six W-shaped legs provide extra stability. At the same time, it has a unique locking system to keep the spring in place even after a long time of use.
Every part of this big trampoline is made of UV-resistant material for longer life so that you can take it as an outdoor trampoline for kid.

3. LANGXUN 5ft Panda Trampoline for Kids


  • Unique and lovely shape.
  • Works both inside and outside.
  • More stable.


  • Only for children 3-6 years in age.

This lovely panda trampoline is specially designed according to the panda modeling with cute appearance and cool shape. I believe your kids will love this big friend at first glance. This 5 ft mini trampoline can be used as an indoor and outdoor trampoline, and kids will have fun on it to release endless energy.
Security is of great importance for all kids. Parents do not need to worry about safety because the bouncing trampoline is very stable with safety net, U leg support and well-wrapped tubes. And the jump net and safety net stitching design in case of getting stuck in the gap.
The galvanized springs can provide jumping with more support and it has more extended life service than elastic rope. Prepare it as a perfect gift for your children’s birthday, and trust me, this trampoline for kids will become the center.

4. 2021 Upgraded Dinosaur Mini Trampoline for Kids with Handle


  • Cute dinosaur feature and woodland camo design.

  • Foldable design, easy to assemble.

  • With great bouncy ability.


  • Small trampoline not suit adult.

This mini trampoline with handle is designed for boys and girls who love dinosaurs and camouflage patents. It can encourage kids to do exercise to develop their balance, strength and pent up their energy. Made of sturdy steel frame, long-lasting jumping mat, and silence band with no noise, this trampoline has a great bounce to let your kids jump higher and safer. Meanwhile, the handle design with a full wrapped cover can give your kids all-around protection. The seller is very confident with their products, and they offer 30 days money-back guarantee service. You can get your money back if it gets damaged. This small trampoline will be a great first trampoline for your children at a low price.

5. Zupapa Trampoline for Kids with Enclosure Net 


  • Sturdy structure
  • Protect kid’s knees
  • Making less noise


  • The zipper of entrance is tricky at first

An indoor trampoline provides a safe way for children to have a safe time regardless of the weather outside. We specially picked this trampoline because every detail of it aims for safety.
Experiments warn that young children can not withstand the rigid force to the springs so this Zupapa trampoline carefully chose the high-quality bungee cords which provide soft bounce to protect children’s tender knees. Meanwhile, the bungee cords can also bring quiet jumping experience, making less noise than the metal springs.
There are two sizes available, 54 inches and 66 inches, you can choose the right size for your 2-8 years old kid. Zupapa is very confident with their products, they provide Ten years warranty for frames, 5-year warranty for enclosure net and lifelong warranty for other accessories.

6. Giantex Outdoor Trampoline with Safety Enclosure


  • Budget trampoline with ample space.
  • Giant weight limit for many children and adults.
  • Ladder for easy access.


  • The bounce is not enough.

Buy this budget Giantex trampoline to get more bounce, this outdoor trampoline won’t look out of the place even at the circus. Because with four sizes available, you can select the right size and make a trampoline park in the backyard for your kids and their friends. From the size start at 10 feet, you will get a trampoline ladder for easy access. Beyond that, this giantex trampoline features U-shaped legs to make sure it can offer enough support and stability to the whole trampoline. Thanks to the well-made PP jumping mat that offers great support, the heavy duty trampoline can hold up to 373 lbs, thus, a lot of kids can join the party of jumping. Although this giant round trampoline lacks innovative features, it’s a commercial choice that provides spacious space for your kids and even adults to bounce together.

7. Jump2It Mini Oval Trampoline for 2


  • Durable safe construction.
  •  Kids can jump face to face.
  • Portable and transport.
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor.


  • Only suit for kids, not for adult.

This oval trampoline for kids provides enough space for two kids to jump together. The unique oval shape enables kids to jump face to face without disturbing each other. In addition, the sturdy padded handlebar is adjustable in height and kids can share this handlebar to jump as higher as they can. What makes this jump2it trampoline stand out is it’s transportable, with a weight of only 29 pounds, kids can use it indoors or outdoors. Furthermore, the durable safety mat covers springs and pinches points that can not only give kids full protection but also provide the best power for bouncing. So, this mini trampoline is able to handle a maximum weight of 180 lbs. For you energetic young kids, this is a great trampoline to have in your hands.

8. Happy Trampoline Outdoor Rectangle Trampoline with Net Enclosure 


  • Giant jumping space.
  • Large jumping weight capacity for anybody.
  • Thick steel tubing for more support.
  • Safe gymnastic training even for freshman.


  • Require a massive backyard.
  • The price is very high.

Many backyard trampolines have strict weight limit that for children and adults, so we have picked this outdoor rectangle trampoline with net which can use for anyone. With a giant size that reaches 10 feet by 23 feet, you get the epic space to jump and even can hold a big trampoline party. Mind you, the price is also as big as the size itself. While it quite worth to provides a happy trampoline park for your kids and their friends.

Jumping is a risky exercise, and it’s quite risky for your kids to fall down from the poor-quality trampoline. But don’t worry, this best rectangle trampoline can withstand the rigorous test and it can last more than 20-30 years. Thanks to the improved and new technology, this trampoline can withstand the harshest weather conditions, desert sun, or snow. Meanwhile, the safety net enclosure can ensure a safe and enjoyable jumping environment for fresh trampoline users.

9. BERG 17ft Inground Trampoline for Kids


  • Generous weight limit.
  • Large jumping area.
  • More safer than traditional trampoline.
  • Ground base provides large stability.


  • Expensive

If you concern most about children’s safety, but you still want to give your kids the fun of freedom, the in ground trampoline with an enclosure net can help you handle this concern. Among all the trampoline types, the in ground one can provide the best stability regardless of the strength of the jump because the base is totally under the ground. The perfect jumping area is the perfect part of the jumping mat that can offer an excellent jumping experience to jumpers. Additionally, the TwinSpring Gold springs with V shape and AirFlow jumping technique ensure less air resistance, a larger jump area, and more jumping fun, so the trampoline can serve a longer time. Compared with the in ground trampoline without net, this inground trampoline with net is safer because of the self-closing entrance, the thicker layer of foam, and soft mat. If you want to have a try, it can be used as a trampoline for adults.

10. Lovely Snail 5FT Trampoline for Kids with Basketball Hoop


  • With extra basketball for fun.
  • Enclose zipper for extra safety.
  • Easy to assemble within hours.


  • Heavier jumpers may run the risk of bottoming out.

Does your child like jumping around and go crazy? Prepare them with a high quality trampoline should be your top priority, and there’s nothing better than this 5FT small trampoline for kids. This small indoor trampoline is a good valuable trampoline suit for beginners. Additionally, the extra basketball hoop adds extra entertainment exercise for your kids. The waterproof galvanized springs together with a heavy steel frame offer superior bounce and extra stability. So this small trampoline can support up to 220 pounds. Besides, Lovely Snail trampolines pay more attention to safety, thick poles and zipper enclosure can add more safety.The springs are closely covered with protective pads and jumping mats to prevent kids get injured. It is quite a perfect trampoline for kids’ birthdays and festivals.

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