Best 2-Seater Ride On Car with Parental Remote Control Reviews

A ride-on car is a toy that toddlers love. They just want to be like their parents driving around all the time. Although some may argue that ride-on cars are an extravagance that children don’t need, it actually helps them develop several essential motor and coordination skills. However, there is also a debate about whether these ride-on cars are safe for toddlers. They may not be able to grasp the concept of driving and steering immediately and that can lead to dangerous situations. This is why ride-on cars with parental remote controls exist. They give parents control of the ride-on car while their child learns how to control it themselves.

So, if you’re looking for a ride-on with parental controls, this article contains the best 2-seater ride-on car with parental remote control reviews for 10 ride-on cars for toddlers. In addition, we have also included a valuable buying guide, so you know what to look for when buying a ride-on car.

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best 2-seater Ride-On Car With Parental Remote Control

Buying a ride-on car can be a spontaneous decision. However, you don’t want to be in the situation where you buy one and your kid can’t enjoy it yet, or even worse, they injure themselves by losing control. Thus, you need to consider a few things before you make your purchase. This will ensure that both you and your kid are happy with your decision.

Deciding to Buy an Electric Ride-On Car

Before we even just into the factors to consider, let’s first look at why you should consider a ride-on car for your kid. These cars are not just fun, they can potentially play an important role in a child’s learning and development. Just like any other toy designed to pique their interest, these cars have buttons, pedals and a steering wheel to help them understand the relationship between cause and effect. In addition, they develop better coordination, better motor skills, and strengthen their memory. Thus, if you are wondering if it is really worth it, it can be if used correctly.


Buying toys brings out the kid in all of us, and adults can get carried away with ride-on car options available. So, instead of buying the most expensive sports car for your 2-year-old, you should first establish a realistic budget. This will the first thing that will narrow down your options. There is no sense in spending a large amount of money on something that your kid may not even use for a very long time. You have to work out how much you can pay for a ride-on car and then determine a price range from that.

Battery Voltage

Ride-on cars are powered by a battery that runs on electricity.  The voltage of the battery in the car determines the car’s speed and power. Thus, when choosing the best 2-seater ride-on car with parental remote control, you have to consider the battery voltage and where your kid will be using their car. For example, a 6v ride-on car is best suited for flat or paved areas and will reach speeds of 3 mph. A 6v battery will also last for approximately an hour. In contrast, a 12v ride-on car is best suited for grass or gravel areas, reaches 5 mph, and will last for 60 – 65 minutes before needing to be recharged.


When it comes to safety,  there are a few things to consider. Firstly, is your yard safe for your kid to use a ride-on car? Will they be able to get outside and onto the street without you knowing? Ensure that there are measures in place to prevent this from happening. Secondly, does the ride-on car come with a seat belt that will secure your child in the vehicle? As funny as that sounds, it can prevent serious injury if the car tips over. Another feature to look for is a Soft Start Function on a ride-on car. It allows for a smoother transition into motion as the vehicle moves forward, reducing the risk of harm.  Lastly, are you going to let your child drive their ride-on car on rough terrains like on a hiking trail or farm roads? You may want to consider a helmet if you don’t want your child to get hurt.


The size of the ride-on is also important. You have to consider how spacious it is and how long you think your child can use it. There’s no use buying a small car only for your child to outgrow it in a few months. On the flip side, you can’t buy anything too big and have them slip around the seats and be unable to see anything. Furthermore, you have to consider storage space. Do you have enough space to keep the ride-on car indoors?

Ride-on cars with a parent remote control

This feature allows parents to operate the vehicle while their kid is in it. It disables the accelerator pedal allowing parents to operate the ride-on car with remote control. This is a great option for younger kids who are still learning how their ride-on car works. These cars can also be switched back to manual mode to allow kids to drive on their own when they are familiar with the controls. In addition, some remote controls can override manual controls when a kid is driving as a safety precaution. Usually remote controls work with either Bluetooth, radio frequency or smartphone apps. You just have to remember that if the remote control uses radio frequency, it may interfere with another ride-on in the vicinity with the same type of control.

Additional Features

At the end of the day, a ride-on car is a toy. It will have features that are entertaining for children. This will include flashing lights, Bluetooth stereo, and fun car designs, to name a few.  How these features will influence your final purchase decision is all dependent on what your child likes.

Now that you know what factors you should be thinking about when making a purchase, let’s take a closer look at the best 2-seater ride-on car with parental remote control reviews

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Kids Ride-on Jeep
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#1 Kids Ride-on Jeep

This ride-on car is sure to entertain your kid with its exceptional features. Its 12v battery provides up to two hours of drive time depending on the mode it is on and the speed at which it is driven. It has a maximum load capacity of 88 pounds making it suitable for 2 children aged 1-3 years or one child between 4-8 years. In addition, it really does look like a Jeep!

This ride-on car offers different speed choices ranging from 3-5 mph. In remote control mode, we could control three speed options while there are two speeds available when it is in manual mode.

We like that the features on this ride-on car make it look like a real Jeep. The kids also get a kick out of driving a mini version of a car they see on the road. It has comfortable PU leather seats, raised suspension, and off-road tires which made it great on rough terrains. We like that the car has built-in seat belts that can be adjusted for kids of different ages. This ride-on car also comes with a sound system, USB Port to connect devices, and an MP3 player. The car also has a built-in horn, independent light switch, and LED lights which the kids love to play with.

#2 2.Best Choice Products 12V Kids Ride On Truck Car WithParent Remote Control

This ride-on car is not suitable for kids younger than 3 years. It is ideal for rough, outdoor terrains and for kids who want to drive fast. The car does not exceed 3 mph, though. So, you don’t have to worry about your kid making a break for it! Plus, you have a remote control that will redirect them. They will just feel like racers in the dirt as they navigate the outdoors.

We love that this ride-on car has all the making of an off-road vehicle. It has bright LED lights, lockable doors, adjustable seatbelts, and off-road tires.

We found it durable and safe for kids older than 3 years to play with. The battery lasted for many hours on a full charge. Although, the car does not go very fast we found that it was better as it navigated rougher terrains. The car has an auxiliary port making it easy to connect your own devices. This enables the kids to listen to their own tunes as they drive but you can use it too if you want to have some music as you walk along with them.

#3 ANPABO 12V Ride On Car

This is another ride-on car that’s ready for an outdoor adventure. It has a 35W engine with 12v batteries that makes it suited to a variety of rough terrains. The car is also quite spacious with a maximum weight capacity of just under 110 pounds. It can comfortably seat two small children or one older child with a height of less than 4.5 feet.

We love that this car is geared for outdoor adventures. It has a five-point safety belt, a soft start design, lockable doors, anti-skid tires, and parental remote control. The remote control gave us the ability to completely stop the vehicle or take over the manual steering. Which was a great feature for hiking trails or driving through the park.

In addition, the car can be placed in complete remote mode so that parents can control the car while kids just sit back and enjoy the ride (or fall asleep)

The car also mimics a true driving experience for kids which is quite nice. They have to start the car with a key, have to steer, and use a pedal to accelerate. There is also front and rear lighting along with a car horn and realistic engine noises. There is a built-in music player in the car and you can connect a phone or other device via USB. The music panel in the car enables kids to control the volume. We found this ride on to be more suited for younger kids whose parents lead quite active lifestyles.

#4 JOYLDIAS Licensed Mercedes-Benz Maybach G650S

If your kid wants to be the cool kid on the block then this ride-on car is for them. This sleek Mercedes Benz has everything a glamorous car needs. High-bright LED lights, raised suspension, and stylish rims. It can also reach speeds of up to 5 mph making it suitable for kids over the age of three.

Firstly, this ride-on car has two modes: manual and remote. The manual mode has two speeds and the remote mode has three. We could keep the car in the remote mode which allowed us to control the car or allow kids to drive on their own.

However, we did find that there is no override setting on the remote control that can stop the car when on manual mode which is a bit disappointing as this means you can only steer the car with the remote control.

The car has the usual built-in auxiliary port which allows your child to listen to music. It also has bright LED lights, comfortable PU leather seating, and a convenient baggage handle which made it easy for us to carry it around when the battery died. This ride-on car has various safety features including a safety belt, a delayed start option, and a safety lock on the doors.

#5 Tobbi 12V Kids Ride On Toys Police Car

If your kid loves to play cops and robbers, this ride-on car is the one to buy. It looks great and functions just like a real police car. However, it does come in different colors if you don’t like the classic cop car look. It is suitable for kids aged between 3 and 6 years with a maximum weight of 66 pounds. The car really is a fun option and the battery lasts for up to an hour. It only weighs 35 pounds making it easy to cart around. You also don’t have to worry about any high-speed car chases either as this 12v car only gets up to 3 mph!

We like that there’s even a backrest for kids to sit back and relax while they’re taking a break from duty. We found that the features and functionality of this car are what make it stand out and make it popular among kids. It has headlights, police lights, a real megaphone, and a rear view mirror. It also has headlights, an MP3 player and a horn. It gives kids a real police car driving experience even allowing them to switch between two speeds when they need to chase a bad guy.

#6 POSTACK 12V 10AH 4WD Kids Ride

If you are looking to buy your kid a four-wheel drive so that they can take on the wild outdoors, then this ride-on car can get them on the right track. This car has a 12v battery and four powerful 35W motors enabling it to easily maneuver rough terrains. It is therefore suited to kids older than 3 years old and with a maximum weight of 110 pounds.

The one thing we like about this car is that it has soft start technology that prevents rapid acceleration or sudden braking.

In addition, the car also comes with a safety belt, locking doors, and parental control. We could control the speed options, emergency brakes, steering, and forward and backward movement which is a huge benefit. The manual mode is not operational when the remote control is working which means the kids can’t try to switch to manual when you’re not looking.

W like that this ride-on car has wear-resistant wheels and a spring suspension system that enables its 4WD status. It was surprising that the 12v battery and our 35W motors could power the car on differing terrains. The maximum speed is 4 mph which is a pretty good speed for younger kids. The car has an MP3 player, auxiliary input, USB connector, and TF card slot so that we could have a little extra entertainment while the kids drove.

#7 Costzon Ride on Car, 12V Licensed Jaguar F-Type SVR

This is another sleek sports car that will make your kid feel like they’re driving the real thing. This Jaguar F-Type ride-on looks amazing and even has dual exhaust pipes, a simulation dashboard, and rear view mirrors to emulate the real car. It is recommended for kids between 3 and 8 years with a maximum weight of 55 pounds. One of the coolest things about this ride-one car is that it has pull-out training wheels and a handle that allows you to pull it along instead of carrying it.

We were impressed that this Jaguar ride-on car had wear-resistant wheels with shock-absorbing capabilities. It also had multi-point safety belts and an intelligent slow start system that prevented abrupt acceleration or sudden braking. The car operates in remote control and manual mode. Furthermore, the remote control mode has three speed settings. We could move the car in all directions and stop the car if needed which was useful. The manufacturers of this car clearly paid incredible attention to details in the car. We were impressed by the dual exhaust pipe, review mirrors, headlights, and even the doors that looked padded. The seats were comfortable and spacious and the doors open on both sides of the car.

They even took into consideration how kids (or well, us parents) could move the car when the battery dies. They added pull-out training wheels on the rear and a pull-out handle in the front so we can pull the car easily like a suitcase.

#8 Peg Perego 12V Polaris Kids ATV

This ride-on truck is perfect for kids who love the farm and tractors. It is also 4WD making it great for outdoor use. Thus, you can let your child experience farm life by letting them drive their truck around. There’s even a dump bed with a tailgate in the back so that your kid can cart things around. This ride-on car has excellent features and functionality. A maximum load capacity of 135 pounds makes it suitable for kids aged between 3 and 8 years.

This car has two forward and reverse speeds that are controlled by a shift knob and speed switches which makes it harder for very your kids to understand. The parental control really came in handy here.

However, we did find that the wheels with rubber anti-skid strips made the truck much more stable than other ride-on cars and gives kids a real outdoor driving experience. The truck has two seat belts, three handrails, and 6 anti-skid wheels that contribute to safety while a child is in the truck making it quite safe. In addition, the soft-start system prevents abrupt braking and acceleration. This truck has a great design to make it functional. The kids loved the dump bed and tailgate.  They used it to take their toys out to play and bring them back inside after a long day driving around the yard.


A ride-on car can be an excellent gift for any toddler. The sense of excitement from driving a car like their parents is overwhelming. However, being conscious of the fact that they may be too young to actually drive it around is only natural. This is why ride-on cars with parental controls exist. In addition, the fact that some ride-on cars offer both options means that parents can use the remote control to help their children while they learn to drive the ride-on car. It’s like being the driving instructor before they get their permit!  

This article has given you the best 2-seater ride-on car with parental remote control reviews and a helpful buying guide. By using these two, you should be able to narrow down which is the best 2- seater ride-on car with parental remote control for your kids.

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