11 Best Kids ATV for Young Adventurers

When I was young, my brothers and I spent a lot of time on kids ATV. In the beginning, we were terrible at sharing. Four of us youngsters and just one four-wheelers were out on the trail at the same time.

My parents eventually purchased us another ATV 4 wheeler so they wouldn’t have to listen to us squabble over who got to ride it next. As their children, we used to build paths in our backyard that led to woods and fields.

We began with a kid quads and then progressed to bigger models youth ATV until we were old enough to ride four wheeler for adults.

If you’re a family, finding the appropriate four-wheeler might be challenging. However, do not be alarmed. I’m here to provide a hand if you need it. Even if I can’t be there to teach your kids how to ride an ATV 4 wheeler, I can offer you some pointers on what to look for in a kids 4 wheeler for sale and some products I personally recommend. This way, you can make an informed selection.

What To Look For When Buying Kids ATVs Online?

Before you buy any of kids four wheeler,  you should ask yourself, “Is this kids ATV suitable for my child’s age?” For this reason, children’s four-wheelers and ATVs exist in a variety of sizes and weight capacities.

As a result, it’s important to remember that proportions do matter. Your child’s size and weight must be taken into consideration while purchasing an electric ATV.

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Costzon 12V Electric Kids ATV Four Wheels Quad
● Material: Durable PP+Iron
● Wear-resistant wheels for All-terrain drive
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12V Electric ATV Kids 4 Wheeler for Sale
● Rugged and stylish design Kids ATV.
● With Bluetooth connection.
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Costzon 6V Cheap Four Wheeler ATV for Sale
● Budget-friendly at cheap price.
● Toddler four wheeler for over 3 years old.
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Costzon 12V Kid Quad Four Wheeler ATV with 2 speeds
● Realistic ATV look with real driving experience.
● Off-road style for all terrains.
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Costzon 12V Electric ATV 4 Wheeler Quad
● Simple operation for kids
● Cheering music & story for extra fun
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Razor Dirt Quad 24V ATV Power Wheels
● 8mph max speed with 40 minutes working time.
● Design for an off-road adventure.
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Kid Trax Spiderman Toddler ATV 12V Ride-on Toy
● Speed option with 2.5 and 5 mph. 
● Cool spider-ific decals and 3D webs.
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Peg Perego 12V Polaris Kids ATV
● Speed range: 2.25-5 mph
● Strong and comfortable rubber handlebar.
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Power Wheels Trail Racer ATV For Sale
● Design for all road condition
● Speed range:3- 6 mph
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Razor Dirt Quad 500 - 36V Electric Youth ATV Four Wheeler
● Durable and powder-coated steel frame
● Big four wheeler for rugged off-road terrain.
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X-PRO Store 110cc gas powered ATV Quad
● Suit for more off road terrain.
● Powerful & stable 4 stroke engine.
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The Best 10 Kids ATVs I Recommend Buying

#1 Costzon 12V Electric Kids ATV Four Wheels Quad

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When you look for a 4 wheeler for 6 year old children, this is a good option. The younger generation loves this for Costzon Ride-On kids ATV has more realistic-looking. This ATV for kids is an excellent way for your children to explore their world.

This ATV riding has an MP3 layer with an AUX input and a USB connector, making it ideal for a little kid. So kids can enjoy their favorite music or tales while riding around the neighborhood on their quad.

In order to prevent your children from being frightened by a fast-starting automobile while they are learning to drive on their own, this mini four wheeler has an advanced slow-start function. The broad seat, which is tailored to the curve of the child’s body, enhances the degree of comfort.

Your kids will no longer have to put up with the exhausting process of learning how to drive at high or low speeds and in different directions. In the end, all your children have to do is turn the power switch on, choose high or low speed and forward or reverse direction, and then push the foot pedal. The horn sound and simulated acceleration sounds on the steering wheel make for a great driving experience.

When fully charged, the rechargeable battery-powered electric ATV allows your kids to ride for a long time. Thanks to the display, you’ll know when it’s time to recharge.

What I Like About This Product:

  • Cheering music & stories
  • All-terrain wheels for all-weather driving
  • Ideal toy for children’s companionship

#2 12V Electric ATV Kids 4 Wheeler for Sale

This 12V electric ATV is made to withstand the rigors of daily use and is packed with features that will help your youngster develop a feeling of adventure and creativity.

Four-wheel suspension allows it to handle grass, mud, driveways, and sidewalks while LED lights and a horn make it seem like you’re riding an ATV for the first time! ”

A Bluetooth feature lets kids connect their own media devices wirelessly so they can drive while listening to their own music.

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When it comes to BCP (Best Choice Products – It’s the company name) products, they have greater significance. We strive to create products that are cutting-edge, well-liked, and enduring additions to your home. Greatest Choice Products has a team working on the next best thing!

BCP takes care of the hard work for you when it comes to constructing our goods. Prior to delivery, each item undergoes a series of quality checks and our final seal of approval. There are no shortcuts when it comes to making sure our products meet the highest standards. So this kids 4 wheeler for sale is quite trustful and a good option for your kid.

What I Like About This Product:

  • It comes with a charger. Use the provided charger to recharge the long-lasting 12V battery (1.5 hours of operating time with each charge).
  • Improved driver comfort with kid-friendly design
  • 4 wheeler ATVfor an indoor/outdoor ride

#3 Costzon 6V Cheap Four Wheeler ATV for Sale

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This cheap four wheeler for sale is simple to learn to drive for your children. It’s as simple as pressing the power button, pressing the forward/reverse switch, and then controlling the handle. It doesn’t take a lot of effort for your toddler to have unlimited pleasure driving about on their own.

The ride-on kids quad has a low center of gravity and four large wheels, making it a sturdy vehicle to drive. The wheels, on the other hand, are more resistant to wear and tear. So, the child can drive it on different surfaces, like hardwood floors, asphalt roads, and more.

In addition to the adapter that enables you to charge the car at any time, the vehicle’s charging socket is conveniently accessible. The battery-powered mini quad can run for up to 50 minutes after a full charge, so your kids can drive it for as long as they want.

When it comes to automobiles, driver comfort is paramount. The broad seat, which conforms to the curvature of children’s bodies, further enhances toddlers may take a break while driving, doubling the fun of the experience.

What I Like About This Product:

  • It has a foot pedal accelerator, forward/reverse operation, and two speed settings (high & low) with an exhilarating 3.7mph top speed.
  • The little quad ATV has a stylish design, and your kids will be enthralled by its attractive appearance.
  • It’s meant to be a fantastic toy for your kids to play with and help them develop cherished childhood memories.
  • ASTM certification inside means you won’t have to worry about the car’s dependability.

#4 Costzon 12V Kid Quad Four Wheeler ATV with 2 speeds

This is a quad four wheeler ATV look at reality. Designed to look and feel like a genuine ATV, this small ATV comes equipped with a horn, engine noises, music, and LED lighting, just like the real thing. Children ages 3 to 6 may enjoy an authentic driving experience with all the thrills and spills.

The use of “ragged” tires is common. Using off-road tires, your children may ride on grass, gravel, dirt, or even level ground. Enhanced traction control on the rear wheels means greater power and better control.

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Options for speeding up or slowing down, the high and low-speed controls on the dashboard make it easy for children to change gears while driving. Such a real exciting yet safe, driving experience at 2.2 mph.

Power up the fun for your little ones whenever you choose with the included 12V rechargeable battery. It is one of the best kids’ electric ATV at $200 price ever made.

Climbing on an ATV for kids is an enjoyable way to promote balance and gross motor development while also instilling a healthy sense of adventure in kids. It’s a wonderful present for your children on their birthday or Christmas.

What I Like About This Product:

  • It has a strong plastic construction with a 66 lb weight capacity and ASTM certification.
  • Kids will love this as a birthday gift.

#5 Costzon 12V Electric ATV 4 Wheeler Quad

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This electric ATV for kids is a safe electric toy car that combines safety and comfort. It has slow start technology to keep your children safe in case of a sudden start. The broad seat, which is tailored to the curve of the child’s body, enhances the degree of comfort.

The kids’ 4-wheeler is equipped with wear-resistant wheels, allowing your small ones to ride on practically any surface, including the beach, cement road, rubber track, and more. Your children can have fun in whichever location they want, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. In addition, four large-diameter wheels are designed to keep your kids safe and secure.

What a great toy for your kids this battery-powered quad ATV is. Send it to your children as a Christmas birthday present. Whether you look for a pink ATV for girl or four wheelers for boys, you can find them here. Let it be a part of your children’s childhood memories. Due to its high quality materials and certification by ASTM, there is no need to worry about the product’s dependability.

What I Like About This Product:

  • Lightweight and sturdy material
  • Cheering music when fully charged

#6 Razor Dirt Quad 24V ATV Power Wheels

Anyone who is too young to operate a kids gas 4 wheeler comfortably would benefit significantly from the Razor Dirt Quad electric model. As a result of its 24-volt battery and eight-mile-per-hour top speed, this electric 24v ATV is an excellent choice. This is going to be a lot of fun for your child.

You may have the appearance of a four-wheeler without having to get your hands on a gas-powered vehicle with this model.

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If you want to teach your youngster how to drive a four-wheeler, you may use a variable speed and twist grip throttle and a hand-operated rear disc brake. The disc brake provides precision stopping power. They’ll enjoy the thrill of piloting this four-wheeled vehicle.

A full charge of the Razor Dirt Quad can keep it running for 40 minutes at a time. As long as it doesn’t move faster than eight miles per hour, your kids won’t be scared, and neither will you.

The 24V ATV features four 12-inch air-filled tires and a drooping rear suspension. Your youngster will enjoy a comfortable ride regardless of the terrain they encounter while out and about.

According to customer feedback, this four-wheeler for youth is well worth the price tag. Although it can be expensive, it performs well and has a longer battery life than claimed. I think it’s an ideal 4 wheeler for 5-10 years old.

What I Like About This Product:

  • This ride on ATV vehicle includes a high-torque, gear-reduction engine that enhances the vehicle’s off-road grip in addition to the tires and suspension. It’s designed to help your youngster overcome the most difficult and rugged routes.
  • A camo version of the Razor Dirt Quad is also available, which has a brush bar in the front and a rear carry handle, as well as 13-inch pneumatic knobby tires.

#7 Kid Trax Spiderman Toddler ATV 12V Ride-on Toy

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This Spiderman toddler ATV from Kid Trax allows you to cheer on your child as he or she pursues Doc Octopus and other villains. This sturdy pair of wheels has Spidey blue and red paint and detailed web decoration and allows your young superhero a choice of two forward speeds and one backward speed.

Your kid will have no chance against evildoers on Power TraxTM rubber traction strip tires. A tingle has been sent across your spidey nervous system.

Get ready for action with this Spiderman ATV ride-on that goes forward and reverse at 2.5 mph and can go up to 5 mph.

What I Like About This Product:

  • Power Trax rubber grip strip tires for better control.
  • It seats one rider between the ages of 3 and 7, with a maximum weight of 95 lbs.

#8 Peg Perego 12V Polaris Kids ATV

Enveloping design allow comfortable drive for any children.

Polaris kids ATV will be a hit with your young princess! Is this new ATV the best ride for daring females who want to have a good time? Little girls will like this sporty ATV’s realistic appearance because of pink  ATV and many realistic elements (such as shocks, fenders, and more).

The second gear lockout option will be appreciated by parents who want to keep an eye on the speed of their children’s cars. The bundled 12-volt rechargeable battery and charger will keep the game going.

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What I Like About This Product:

  • Grass, dirt, gravel, and pavement can all be handled with ease thanks to the knobby tires on these wheels.
  • It has a two-speed gearbox, which allows it to go at a maximum speed of 212, or 5 mph.

#9 Power Wheels Trail Racer ATV For Sale

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The Power Wheels racing ATV for sale make it easy to create a cool racing adventure on the backyard. It’s designed to appear exactly like an ATV so that you may have even more creative fun with it.

It can go forward at a full six miles per hour (6 mph), to slow down to three miles per hour (3 mph), and to go backwards, press the green button.

Do you see ruts, puddled grass, slick gravel, or even muddy mud? Let’s conquer this!

An easy-to-grip handlebar and a soft seat make it simple for little ones to enjoy their rides. A maximum weight of 65 lb (29.5 kg) is permitted.

What I Like About This Product:

  • Power Wheels battery-powered vehicles are developed, produced, and tested to the highest standards of quality and safety.
  • You can expect hours of fun in the backyard.

#10 Razor Dirt Quad 500 – 36V Electric Youth ATV Four Wheeler

You’ll find that it’s ideal for older kids because of its classic youth ATV style, bigger frame, and high-torque motor. It has internal/integral gear set and self-adjusting chain-driven 500 watt high-torque motor with internal gears.

Hand-operated rear disc brakes, shatter-resistant plastic fairings, adjustable height riser handlebars, and soft rubber grips are some of the features of this motorcycle. A steel frame ensures its all-weather durability.

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There are also steel wheels with front and rear pneumatic tires of the correct size, and space-saving vertical storage.

Continuous usage for up to 60 minutes is possible. Batteries with quick-change compartments that can hold 36 volts. This youth quad  is suitable for riders weighing up to 220 pounds. It is also suitable for riders aged 14 and above. In order to operate any Razor electric vehicle or scooter, it is the buyer’s and the rider’s responsibility to be fully aware of and comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws.

What I Like About This Product:

  • Older kids will appreciate the larger frame and high-torque motor that make this an ideal choice.
  • High-torque internal/integral gears and a self-adjusting chain are included in this product’s 500W motor.
  • It has a powder-coated steel frame that will last in any weather and a handy carry handle on the back.

#11 X-PRO Store 110cc gas powered ATV Quad

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This 110cc ATV is a powerful gas powered 4 wheeler for kids, typically for kids aged over 8 and over. It’s a reasonable size for the youth too because it has a large weight capacity and comes with a luggage rack to carry up extra weight.

This X-pro ATV is equipped with reliable 4-stroke engines to prevent overheating. Plus, Compared with electric ATV for kids, this kid gas powered four wheeler stands out in many aspects. Although gas ATV is pricey at first, it can last you for numerous years to come.

Besides, electric kids ATV can only last for less than one hour when fully charged, while gas powered 4 wheeler can run for several hours without worrying about the strong drive of the engine. One thing I love best is that gas ATV comes with remote control and speed governor for safety.

What I Like About This Product:

  • The 110cc gas powered ATV comeswith luggage rack for extra space.
  • Comes with remote control and speed governor, so parents can control the ATV to ensure kids safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Price of a Kids 4-Wheeler or ATV?

The cost of an ATV will vary. Kids’ ATVs range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. You should expect to spend anywhere between $400 and $500 for a nice four-wheeler for a youngster.

For kids gas powered ATV or electric ATV, the size of the engine and color choices are all factors that will influence the price. That’s because there are times when a model with more than one color has clear advantages.

Where Can I Get a Fun and Safe 4 Wheeler for 6-8 Year Old?

For a parent, purchasing their child’s first ATV might be a little nerve-wracking. You’ll be concerned about their safety. It’s a part of who we are.

Costzon’s Ride-on ATV and Peg Perego’s Polaris RZR 900 are outstanding examples of the good product you can get from Amazon. Using them is a breeze, and they’re equipped with many security safeguards as well.

When it comes to getting your children started on an ATV, six to eight is the ideal age range. Beginners should choose a smaller, battery-powered four-wheeler.

At this age, giving kids a four-wheeler allows them to gain a feel for riding at a reduced pace, which is beneficial. Depending on the model, you may choose how quickly or slowly your child should go.

With this age group in mind, be sure to check for any essential safety measures. Remote control that can only be used by a parent and a speed limit are both great ideas for kids this age.

What Are the Best 4 Wheeler for 10 Year Old?

If you’re a parent seeking to purchase an ATV for your kid between the ages of 8 and 10, there are many options. Alternatively, you might go for a battery-powered car or one driven by gasoline. The Razor Dirt Quad for novices and the Razor Dirt Quad 500 for more experienced riders are the best options for this age group.

A battery-powered kid’s ATV is a good way for newbies to get their feet wet in the sport. However, if your child is more experienced, you may want to choose a kids gas powered ATV.

You’ll be able to move quicker with a fuel-operated car, but your kids will benefit from the electric start in the event that they get stuck.

Is a 50cc Four Wheeler Suitable for 8-Year Old Kids?

This is appropriate for children ages six and up.

Instead of an electric ATV, get your child an ATV that is at least 50cc. Having a smaller size and less weight makes it ideal for younger children, who can then learn how to operate the ATV. The use of an automatic gearbox helps them learn as well.

Is a 110cc ATV Suitable for Children Under the Age of 6?

If your child is a little older, they’ll probably need a 110cc ATV engine. Children ages 7 to 12 were the target audience for these products.

Consider a fully automated, gas-powered 110cc ATV for your kids, whether it’s their first time riding or they already have some expertise. Compared to the 50cc, they are a little larger and can handle more weight. Keep in mind that they’re also faster.


As a takeaway, you’ll want to make sure the following before purchasing an ATV for your kids:

  • Always put your kid’s  age, height, and weight into consideration.
  • Decide whether a battery or a fuel source is better for your children.
  • Ask about the ATV’s safety features before purchasing it for your children.
  • Check to see whether your children have the necessary gear.
  • Finally, take into account the ATV’s maximum speed for youngsters.

Most of these ATVs  for sale are available on Amazon.com. Consider the pros and cons of each ATV vehicle before making a purchase.

We wish your kids have a safe and enjoyable ride!

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