How to Choose a Cat Tree for Your Pet

As natural hunters, cats love climbing and cratching on everything. Unlike human beings who like horizon sight, cats tend to prefer being up high because it can make them feel safe and provide a better view in the room. While cratching is an instinctive way for them to keep their claws sharp even you can’t accept it.

So cat tree is a good way to save your furniture and sofa. Keep reading this article and you will learn tips to choose a cat tee. Moreover. We also pick the 10 best cat trees for both small and large cats.

How to choose an ideal cat tree?

There are many factors you should consider when buying a cat tree.

 First of all, you need to take your cat’s age and ability into account. Do you have a kitten who is curious about everything? Or do you have a senior cat who loves lounging? For small cat trees, it needs to have more setups while for senior cat tree, it tends to be more simple.

Second, assess your space. If you have a large room space and provides more setups for your cats, a big cat tree is an investment that worth it for your pet. However, if you live in a small apartment, a small and simple car tree is also a good choice.

Last but not least, make a plan for your budget. A pricer car tree tents to be better than the cheap cat tree, and it can withstand long time use. However, if you are on a limited budget, it is also not bad to buy a cheap cat tree. 

How to Choose a Cat Tree for Your Pet

What to look for when buying?

Cat tree house provides an all-in-one destination for cat scratching, climbing, playing, hiding, and sleeping. Although they look alike, cat furniture is quite different in size and height as well as the hiding place and hammock.

So here are some important points to be noticed.

Constructions: Although cat trees come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from multi-level cat tree to one level cat tree, from floor to ceiling cat tree to mushroom cat tree. 

No matter what kind of shape you choose, make sure the construction is stable. Since the large cat tends to be very heavy, a good material cat condo with stable construction can use for a long time, and it not easy to fall.

Scratching posts: If your cats are really loving clawing the furniture, you should definitely find a cat scratching tree to save your furniture. 

Toys: Cat is really a playful animal that loves to play around with everything. You can find hanging features with toys for exercise.

Hiding places: The cat tree does more than climbing, it also provides more functions like play hide and seek. Moreover, a cat also can take a nap when it is tired.

Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower with Hammock Bed and Scratching Post
✔Soft plush hammock cat tree.
✔The support poles are fully wrapped.
✔With a hanging pom.
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On2 Pets Cat Tree with Leaves Made in USA, Large Square Cat Condo & Cat Activity Tree in Evergreen
✔For cats up to 32 pounds.
✔Look like a tree makes natural feeling.
✔Portable to move.
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TRIXIE Miguel Fold and Store Cat Hammock Cute Cat Tree
✔Cat cando for small space.
✔With hanging toys and hammock.
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67 inches Feandrea cat tree with Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats
✔Multi-Layer playhouse.
✔Luxury cat tree for a cat.
✔Sisal-covered scratching posts.
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Vesper Cat Furniture Modern Cat Tree
✔With multi-layer of high height.
✔High-quality MDF materials.
✔Removable cushion and surfaces.
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Catry Cat Tree Nature Looking of Cat Beds Mushroom Cat Tree
✔Bright color and mushroom shape.
✔Serveral Scratch posts.
✔Hanging toys for additional fun.
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New Cat Condos Large Cat Tower with 4 Easy to Access Spacious Perches
✔Solid wooden cat tree.
✔Suit for multiple cat households.
✔Safe unoiled sisal rope.
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BestPet Cat Tree Cat Tower Cat Condo 72 inches Tall Cat Tree Playpen House
✔Overall Size: 24″Lx 22″Wx 72″H
✔Durable and stable structure.
✔Playhouse with multi-play ways.
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Hey-bro Extra Large Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo Furniture with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts
✔Multi-layer structure design.
✔2 roomy condos and large platforms.
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Cat Craft Three Tier Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree
✔Three level to play.
✔90 inches high for better view.
✔Space saving design.
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10 Best Picks of Cat Tree

1. Amazon Cat Condo Tree Tower with Hammock Bed and Scratching Pos

As one of the best selling cat  furniture on amazon, this cat condo has the ideal feature of a cat tree sale. This is a mini hammock cat tree with a stable base in which your cat can curl and take a rest. Thanks to the soft plush fabric, the hammock is very comfortable to lay down.
With only one level design, the cat trees cheap is a good option for a tight room. And two holes are supporting the hammock and both the base and ledge are covered with soft fabric. Thus, the cat can also take it as a cat post. Moreover, there is a hanging pom toy so the cat can play with it and catch it from up and down side.

Since the cat condo is mini in size, it doesn’t provide much space for your cat. Besides, it has only one layer, maybe not high enough for your pet.But it’s a good option for small cat that loves furry nest and hammock Bed.

2. On2 Pets Cat Tree with Leaves Large Square Cat Condo

I believe some of you want to get your cat outside in nature, but it’s not practical. To fix it, you can have a cat tree looks like a tree in your house.

When you look at this cat tree with leaves, you will know the reason that we put it on the list. It can meet your cat’s desire to climb in the natural because it looks so real. This unique cat tree design for cats up to 32 pounds, which can provide your cat with an excellent outdoor climbing experience without potential danger. So when your pets stay alone, this cat tree looks like tree offers a paradise inside home, a place where they feel safe and relaxed.

Featuring sturdy construction and high quality material, the cat tree house has three sizes available that for small, medium and large cat. Moreover, the whole green cat tree is covered with green leaves so it can evoke your cat’s instinct. Besides, this trees offer different areas of exploration and different materials to engage all of your cat’s senses.

What makes this On2pets cat tree so special is that the tree is portable so you can move from one place to another. With 15 minutes setup, you can provide a unique place for your cat.Here are some falws we find. There is no enough surface for the cat to scratch, plus the cat tree is not a cheap one, it may not affordable for the limited budget.

If you desire to give you cat a good natural living environment, pick up this one. This cat tree with leaves has endless attraction to your pet with high craftsmanship, special design and unique looking.

3. TRIXIE Miguel Fold and Store Cat Hammock Cute Cat Tree

Do you need a cat tree house that has great ways for your cat to play, scratch and relax? Are you living in a small house and looking for a small cat tree for your kitten? Here we find this TRIXIE Miguel fold and store cat hammock that can meet all your desires as well as your bill. This top-rated kitty condo is simple and compact but with multi-functions. Thanks to the X-shaped construction, the TRIXIE is very stable and on top of it, there is a hammock for sleep. While on the bottom of the tent like area, there are hanging ball toys on the side. All of these parts are covered with soft plush for cozy.

There are countless details to makes this cat scratching house stands out. The scratching surface is covered with natural sisal, giving your cat an outlet to their scratching instincts. The cute cat tree is covered with removable cushion for hand or machine wash, simply fold shut for quick and easy storage.
In general, this is a playhouse that has everything your kitten needs to play and explore. But it only for kitten with only one layer design.

4. 67 inches Feandrea cat tree with Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats

Looking for the best cat tree that has it all, why not consider this tall cat tree with multi-layers. As a luxury playhouse for your cats, this cat tower gives your friend a cozy home of their own to play jump around, scratch, and take a nap. Features with two roomy condos, it offers spacious space to nap. Three plush perches allow your cat to climb on top and watch over its territory. Sisal-covered slope not only allows nail scratching but also adds much more fun while playing.

Stability is always the first priority when choosing a cat tree.

Constructed by a stable natural board and strengthened with battens at the bottom part, the cat tree tower is really stable. It will not easily fall down even your cat climb on the most top. With a height of 67 inches, this Feandrea cat tree is really a perfect spot for your cats to jump around.
As playhouse cat furniture for large adult cat, this cat tree takes up much space. Still, it requires patience to assemble. So if you have a large room and several cats, you may think about this one.

5. Vesper Cat Furniture Modern Cat Tree

If you are concerned that cat furniture may disturb your home decoration, you can think about this modern cat tree. With the stylish design of various configurations to choose from, Vesper is not only to provide your pet a sturdy and funhouse but also to meet the aesthetic tastes of cat lovers. Although it’s a bit expensive, the construction and quality turn to be worthy.
Combine with the different functions of cat tube, cat condo, cat bed and scratch pad, the cool cat tree is an elegant cat tree furniture that satisfies the daily activity needs.

This high base wooden cat tree is quite eye-catching for it with a height of 62.2 inches. The modern cat tower provides a higher place to observe the room meanwhile a comfortable place to sleep in on.

Made with high quality MDF, the vesper cat furniture doesn’t attract cat fur and you will not headache with cleaning. What’s more, the scratching post and pad are comfortable to touch and scratch, plus it’s also removable for easy cleaning. There are two iconic hideouts for cats to rest and lounge and they can get in and out quickly wh two entrances.
Thankfully, every detail of this cat house is designed for stability and practicality. And every owner will love its sleek as well as high quality.

6. Catry Cat Tree Nature Looking of Cat Beds Mushroom Cat Tree

This Catry cat tree is a unique and fun way of providing your cat with a rest place to hide, play and scratch. It is a maze-like attraction with bright color, mushroom shape as well as a flower bed. Your cat will be able to enjoy this playful landscape as you enjoy the pop of colors and lovely design.

As the catry cat tree is a mushroom cat tree for your kitten to sleep and recline, it just holds your cat like a hug. Besides the cat tower offers another place to watch out from a high place so that the cat watches their territory every day.

My favorite aspect of Catry cat tree is that they design simple products but with endless attraction. This flower cat tower put the idea of sunflower into reality, it will attract the cat’s attention with a cute flower look.
As a kitty bed, Catry always takes the cat’s demand into consideration, there is everything that tools and instructions included so all parties make it into a sturdy cute cat tree.

7. New Cat Condos Large Cat Tower with 4 Easy to Access Spacious Perches

Looking for a large cat tree that can support your large adult cat and have multi spaces and room to perch and rest, here we find this cat condo for large cats. This large cat condo features four layers of perch bed so that your cat can rest and play. The natural unoiled sisal rope will provide your cat a comfortable place to outlet their instinct, moreover, the 4 layer height gives your pets a tall cat tree to patrol their territory. Unlike other cheap cat trees, this gray cat tree is well made with solid wood, the high quality material ensures the safety and stability of the cat tree condo so that the house is heavier and sturdier to hold for multiple cats.

In addition, the cat climbing tower is handcrafted in America and it is very easy to assemble. With reasonable price, stable structures and spacious resting place, in my point of view, it’s one of the best cat tree.

8. BestPet Cat Tree Cat Tower Cat Condo Tall Cat Tree Playpen House

With a 5-tier design of nearly 70 inches in height, this huge cat tree offers various resting and fun games, making it into a luxury cat indoor playhouse that keeps your feline friends healthy and happy. Features with ladders, condos, multi-layer design, top toys, and scratching place, the cat tower keep your furry friends busy and entertained, trust me your cat will love their new house.
Plus, your cat will get crazy on this extra-large cat tree, they can play freely without worry about falling down since the cat tower condo is quite stable with solid construction.

Next, the cats are fond of the soft place and this ultra-soft condo gives your little friends smooth touch . Meanwhile, the perch on the top and bottom part gives the cat the perfect sleeping and napping place. When they fall awake, they can scratch their claw at the scratching pad and practice their catching skills on this playhouse cat furniture.
All in all, this cat tree is not only a cat playhouse at home, it’s also delicate cat furniture that can enhance your home decor.

9. Hey-bro Extra Large Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo Furniture with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts

Another cat tree we select is from hey brother, and this extra large cat tree palace is specially prepared for king and queen. With this climbing tree for cats, your will save your furniture and rugs for a few hours.

 This 58 inches cat jungle gym is a cat tower with hammock at the bottom part of the tree, which is attached firmly to the cat tree. The cat stand is sturdy and soft to create a napping place for big cat to enjoy.

Just like most hey brother products, this big cat tree is a special design for big adult cat. A huge platform provides stability and safety to all adults cat, so they can jump, climb, sleep, scratch as well as play with hanging toys at will. Also, there are two roomy condos toward the top of the tree, it is even spacious for the biggest kitties to hang out. For there is also one point that needs to mention, the cat tree is easy to assemble with patience. When you receive the parcel, please check it because some reviews point there are missing parts.
Overall, this cat climbing tower is a cat condo for large cats if you have a large cat and still want the hammock and basket, do not miss this one.

10. Cat Craft Three Tier Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree

With almost 1200 reviews, this floor to ceiling cat tree earns a good reputation due to its simple and inexpensive. Installation is on longer to be a headache since it takes less than 15 minutes.

There are three levels of platform for your cat so the cat has plenty of places to play. Besides, the multi-level cat tree allows your cats to safely scratch, climb and lounger around on different platforms so it will keep your little ones occupied with hours to have fun.

As a cat tower on sale, cat craft cat tree cut down the unnecessary spend on complicated design, it focuses more on base and structure that can ensure stability and safety of cat tower. One thing to note is that there is no sisal rope for scratch and the cat tree lace of entertainment toy to play with.
In the end, the cat trees cheap is a good option if your need a climbing tree for cats that not expensive.

Train Your Cat to Use It

I believe many of you feel frustrated when you save up money and treat your pet with a buy a deluxe cat tree, but it turned out your cat is not interested in it. It still climbs on your furniture and sofa. While you need to learn a few tricks to attract your cat.

First, encourage cats to love it with toys or catnip. The cats will ignore the cat furniture if they not sure about it at first. Try to put their favorite catnip and toys on the tree so the favorite things will help them feel relaxed to explore their new friend. Plus, give them comfort and love when they play in the new space, and soon your cats will get used to playing with tree.

Secondly, redirect their activities. Try to put them close to the tree when they are scratching your furniture, and never force them to stay on the tree. When they found the fun of scratching on the tree, they will turn to their new friend.

Thirdly, Add more functions. As time goes by, your cat will be tired of playing on the cat tree, and it’s time for you to redirect the tree. Put it into another room and decorate it with staff like small lights, leaves, and flowers, and allure your pet with bright colors and put it in another room. You can also buy several cat trees and put them in different rooms. Different designs and functions will give your cats more fun.

Final Remarks

Cat trees are more than a piece of cat furniture which is occupying your room space. On the contrary, they give a couple of benefits to your cat including train your cat and outlet their instinct. Find the perfect one for your cat and make them love their friends, if you do not find one, try out of the best 10 picks and we believe it will never disappointed you. 

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