Guide to Different Types of Game Tables

Have fun exploring the various kinds of game tables where you can enjoy your favorite games with friends and family. If you have additional space or a game room in your house, please try to transform it into a more exciting entertainment place with a multi game table. Every man cave or recreation room should ideally at least have one pool table, ping pong table, Foosball table, poker table, air hockey table, or multi game table. Nevertheless, discovering the ideal game table for your home can be a challenging task given that there are numerous alternatives offered on the market today. To help you make a wise purchase choice, we have evaluated the diversity, quality, appearance, and other factors of different game tables. Once we have elaborated on the advantages and disadvantages of these multi game tables, you will also find a handy buyer’s guide that describes everything novice buyers need to know before investing.

Popular Types of Game Tables

Pool Table
When talking about table games, people usually think of billiards first. Billiard tables are also known to people as pool tables. The pool table is also one of the tables that people most want to put in the game room at home. Billiards rules are very simple and can be understood in a short time, but it is going to take years to truly master them. This game needs to use physics and geometry to help you shoot better.
Poker Table
Poker has always been a very popular card game and it does not have much of a limit on the number of people, so you can host a poker night at home with a group of friends or for couples to spend time together. Poker not only provides an interesting game is also a frequent prop used in magic shows. You can find many different styles of poker tables on the market to provide more fun for you to play.
Ping Pong Table
Table tennis tables also called ping pong tables, are one of the most common game tables that people put in their homes. Compared to other table games, playing ping pong is a great exercise recreation with a lot of movement. If you like sports, then a ping pong table will be more appealing to you. It is a great game for two or four people. You can have a great time playing ping pong with your friends or family and you will definitely feel like you have gotten your money’s worth.
Foosball Table
Do you want to have a hot game with your friends? You will have fun competing with your friends. The table soccer table has become an essential after-party and bar entertainment. The seemingly simple game of soccer requires you to be quick and fast to win the final victory. Foosball tables come in a variety of styles and are easy to fit in a game room, so you can find a good choice within your budget.
Air Hockey Table
Air hockey tables are really fun, and if you are building a new game room then you will definitely want to include an air hockey table. As a classic game table, the fast pace keeps you fully focused on the air hockey game, giving you hours of fun. Even kids can get in on the action. If you’ve made the investment for an air hockey table then get ready to have fun.
Shuffleboard Table
Shuffleboard tables usually don’t require any assembly, and it’s easy to set it up and be able to use it right away. Those who have played shuffleboard will grow to enjoy the game over time. Shuffleboard tables have a very sturdy design and a nice look. If you choose a shuffleboard table, it will add a little class to your play area while providing fun.
Multi Game Table
If you want to have several table games at the same time but don’t have that much space, then a multi combo gaming table is your best bet. You can easily find 3-in-1 game tables, 4-in-1 game tables or even 10-in-1 game tables. With a simple switch of modes, it can become a ping pong table, pool table air hockey combo. This way, you can get the experience of multiple games for the price of one table. Is deciding on a purchase difficult for you? So, here they are, the best game tables available for sale on Amazon. We have gone through the details and comparisons to recommend several game tables, and one of them may be right for you.

Modern Mini Pool Table Tabletop Billiard Table Set

Pool tables come in a variety of sizes, with outdoor pool tables usually being larger, around 6-7 feet. While the small mini pool tables are more suitable for placement in game rooms and range from 20 inches to 40 inches in length. This modern mini pool table comes with a durable frame of deep brown wood. It looks like a real pool table with a smooth, gray surface. The table is 40″ long, 20″ wide, and 9″ tall.

Despite the small size of the table, all billiard supplies included are looking realistic, with a smooth surface and rubber bumpers along the sides for a realistic bounce. The mother ball is designed to be heavier for enhanced control and playability, which enhances the overall billiard game experience.


  • Sturdy construction and wooden frame
  • Improved game components
  • Has rubber bumpers and foam padded legs


  • Slightly poor cues quality
  • Felt tends to wear out
  • Heavier than other mini pool table

48" Octagon Folding Poker Table Top Texas Hold em Poker

With a solid build and budget-priced, you can never go wrong with this octagon folding poker table top. The octagonal shape and classic green design give you a professional poker casino experience. The felt surface prevents discomfort from excessive sliding of cards. 48″ standard size makes this foldable poker table top to allow more players to join the game together at one time.

You and your friends can play poker, blackjack and Texas hold em poker at this table. As you can see, it has eight cup holders and molds to hold the chips. The octagon poker table is designed for 8 people but it’s not really 5 to 6 people max can sit down and play. Nonetheless, this foldable poker table will still meet all your needs.


  • Each spot has a cup holder and chip tray
  • Foldable design and Portable thanks to the carrying case.
  • With Soft surface and thick table board


  • Cards dealt can get caught in the crease.
  • Tiny cup holders
  • Not enough space for 8 people to play at the same time

Joola Ping Pong Table Outdoor Tennis Table

JOOLA outdoor ping pang table combines quality and durability. As a competitive grade 9×5 foot standard size indoor and outdoor tennis table, it is weatherproof and built to last. Perfect with any patio, backyard or playground. The composite material used for the ping pong table top is 6mm thick aluminum and plastic, a material that has good resistance to bending and will not chip, designed to last for years of outdoor use. In addition this table tennis table has a sturdy steel frame, chassis and big wheels for support.

The foldable ping pong table consists of two table tops, which not only makes it easy to store but also allows you to experience a single-player playback mode. Easily unfold one half of the table with the automatic anti-tip lock and enjoy practicing alone.


  • Trusted Olympic table tennis brand
  • A weather-proof outdoor ping pong table
  • Easy to move and store


  • Large enough space needed for indoor use
  • Doesn’t latch when put up into storage mode
  • Simple packaging causes scratches

Wooden Mini Foosball Table 27" Soccer Table Top

This 27-inch wooden mini foosball table is designed for kids, and it is lightweight, compact and easy to transport. It is more of a toy than a real soccer table, so this mini foosball table is not suitable for adults for competitive matches. But the smooth soccer table top and stable wooden frame give kids an intense gaming experience. Textured grips and a 360°rotatable steel bar make handling a breeze.

The biggest drawback that lightness brings to the mini foosball table is the lack of grip on the legs, which causes the table to slide easily during intense play. Therefore rough surfaces such as on carpets are more suitable for this wooden foosball table. The overall gameplay of a mini foosball table will be limited but it is primarily portable, so giving kids a taste of the game at a party is where its value lies.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Well constructed for a tabletop table 
  • Wood frame


  • Table will move around
  • Installation is harder than expected

Multi 4 In 1 Game Table Foosball Air Hockey Ping Pong Pool Table

We’re very confident in this multi 4-in-1 game table, which features a combination of MDF wood and metal that is not only low priced but also structurally stable. You can get a soccer table, air hockey table, ping pong pool table at once. The design of the billiard table is the most positive, the surface of the felt is well restored to the real ping pong table.

This combo game table is positioned fairly close to the ground, which means players need to place it on a table or kneel to play, though this does not diminish the love for it. It is also why this combo game table has great portability and extremely simple storage. If you want a multi game table that sells for less than $100 and includes a variety of games, then this set is an ideal product.


  • Multifunctional, sturdy construction
  • Easy and convenient storage.
  • Ping pong table surface covered in real felt.


  • Adults will have difficulty enjoying these games
  • Air-hockey is not as much fun to play as advertised

3 In 1 Combo Game Table Slide Hockey Foosball Pool Table

Want to enjoy competitive billiards, fast-paced foosball and exciting sliding field hockey on a nice, sleek table? This combo game table offers you the fun of all three games. Placing three of your favorite games on one table can save you space without sacrificing fun. Switch from one game to another in seconds with the convertible game table. The manual scoring system helps you keep better track of wins and losses. Although this 32″ tall 3 in 1 game table is not friendly to tall people it is perfect for growing children. All four legs of the table have independent extenders, and players on slightly uneven ground can also adjust the legs to achieve a watery surface on the table.


  • Individual leg-levelers
  • Lovely wood-finished design.
  • Good build quality and durability


  • Smaller for taller players
  • A bit weight

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