The 7 Best Insulated Dog Houses in Winter

As excellent protection for your pet, a dog house can give your dog a comfortable and safe place to sleep and have a rest. Meanwhile, it can also protect your dog from rain and cold weather. The insult dog house is crucial to help your dog keep warm and comfortable as the weather gets cold. However, with so many dog houses here and there with different shapes and materials, it is not easy for you to choose the right insulated dog house. To help you narrow down your choice, we have selected the best insulated dog houses on Amazon, and in this article, we will review them one by one and give you budget-friendly advice.

Petmate Indigo Dog House
√Dimensions: 43.8″ x 34″ x 25.8″
√Weight capacity: 50 lbs
√Indigo shape with spacious space.
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Giantex Plastic Dog House Waterproof Ventilate
√28” and 32” height available.
√For small and medium size pets.
√Durable PP material.
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Petsfit Wooden Dog Houses for Small Medium and Large Dogs Outdoor Dog House
√For small to large dogs.
√Open up roof.
√Removable floor for easy cleaning.
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PawHut Wood Large Dog House with Porch Deck
√Cabin style large dog house.
√Spacious living room and deck.
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Disney Zero Portable Pet House Warm Dog Houses
√Indoor small dog house.
√Removable roof and insert parts.
√Unique design with embroidery
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Merry Wooden Dog House With Stairs
√Dog house for small dog.
√Kiln-dried wood structure.
√Dog house with stairs and deck.
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ASL Solutions Dog Palace for Med to Large Dogs
√Real insulated dog house.
√Diamension: 38.5″ H x 31.5″ W x 47.5″ L
√Self-closing door.
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1. Petmate Indigo Dog House

This Petmate dog house is an igloo dog house that can be used for all weather conditions. Made with Microban that anti-bacteria, this igloo house always keeps the safety and comfort of pet in mind. 

Thanks to the igloo-shaped design and heavy dust structure, it can keep your pet warm in winter and cool in summer. Plus, there is a small room for your dogs to put dog’s head outdoor for fun. At the same time, the offset doorway can keep the wind and rain outside. While, the biggest surprise is the rooftop vent which can enhance air circulation and keep dogs in a dry place. 

This igloo dog house is designed for large dog, with a dimension of 43.8″ x 34″ x 25.8″, the large dog house gives your dog enough space for sleep and play. 

Why we liked it?

As a professional brand for pets, this Indogo house earns good reputation for spacious space and amazing aspects. It provides a comfortable and safe outdoor sleeping place.

2. Giantex Plastic Dog House Waterproof Ventilate

This luxury plastic dog house provides a superior activity place for your puppies where they can live and have a rest. Made of strong and tough plastic, the luxury dog house can withstand weather like rainy days and snow days so you can use this insulated dog house even in winter. The sloping roof avoids the accumulate of rainwater and two air vents ensure air circulation to allow the puppy to breathe fresh air. Moreover, this dog house for sale has 3″ heightened base, so it effectively prevents the falling water run into dog house. Thus, you can move it outside as an outdoor dog house, on the contrary, you can also move it in as an inside dog house.

The pet house is of moderate size so it’s quite suitable for medium or small size pets. My favorite aspect of this dog house is easy-assemble. There are predrilled holes and all required parts, so it only takes 20 minutes to set it up and secure it to the ground.

Why we liked it?

The plastic dog house stands out with its sturdy structure, good weather resistance ability, and good insulted performance. And you can prepare a warm and safe place quickly and place it both inside or outside.

3. Petsfit Wooden Dog Houses for Small Medium and Large Dogs Outdoor Dog House

As one of the top-ranked brands on the market, Petsfit dog house is designed by people who really like dogs so it can fully cater to your puppy’s needs. First of all, this outdoor dog house offers various colors and sizes that can accommodate from small puppies to large dogs. Secondly, the wooden dog house is built from a heavy structure and strong wood material so the dog shelter will provide long-lasting protection to your pets, plus the additional support rails on the bottom part give better support. Quality is guaranteed with one year. Thirdly, the roof part of the house is quiet with personality design.

Log cabin dog house has a slanted roof that covered with asphalt, giving dog house fully protected from rain and snow. Meanwhile, the proof features open up design so it’s very easy to clean and maintain breathability. When the weather gets cold, you can put on a blanket to keep your dog warm. So it’s really an insulated dog house. Moreover, the kennel dog house has removable floors for easy cleanup.

Why we liked it?

We would like to say that the Petsfit dog house has all good factors like wooden material, good quality, open up roof and reasonable price. Based on what we mentioned before, it is considered as one of the best insulted dog houses for sale. 

4. PawHut Wood Large Dog House with Porch Deck

Believe me, your cute dog surely love its large dog house with porch deck on which your pet can have sun-basking and naps. Featuring two separate parts, the cabin dog house provides your dog with a spacious living room as well as a deck, so it’s a perfect supplement to your backyard garden or inside the home. 

The home environment is very important to human beings, so is it to dogs. Made with solid fir wood the durable and non-toxic, the large dog house is safe for your pets. 

Besides, the main living house has an Asphalt roof that can withstand harsh weather like rain, snow, wind, and more. Still, the house with 5-inches raised above the ground and keeps your dog from moisture. There are two open doors with vinyl curtains for easy access ad side windows for better ventilation.

Why we liked it?

Buying this large dog house with porch deck, you will prepare your dog in two spacious rest places. Dogs can sleep in the room and play outside. Although the pawhut dog house is not expensive, it is still worth getting a safe and sound dog house for your bro.

5. Disney Zero Portable Pet House Warm Dog Houses

It is so proud to bring this beloved zero pet house into your room and give your little friend a Halloween festival environment. This warm dog house features an embroidered zero words on the outside and pairing with a removable padded insert with a graveyard skull. The small dog house looks so cute and scary.

 Filled with lightweight and soft foam, the zero dog house has a detachable velcro roof and detachable all parts so traveling and storage are very easy. 

Plus, the bottom parts with tough nylon fabric are anti-dirty and water. One thing that should be noted that the pet house is machine-washable and dry, so you can wash it at any time and keep your dog clean and with odor.

Why we liked it?

This zero small dog house is designed for small pets that up to 20lbs, unlike the waterproof outdoor dog house, this one is only a furry dog house. But it can keep your dog warm in winter with thick construction. It leaves me a deep impression with cute look and cheap price.

6. Merry Wooden Dog House With Stairs

Your furry friend needs a home of his own, bring this Merry wooden dog house with stairs home, and give your bro a spacious active, and sleeping house. Constructed with natural wood and treated with natural colors, this dog house with stairs is quite appealing to eyes and fits perfectly in home or in the backyard. Unlike the traditional dog house that simple and kind of boring, this dog house for small dogs features two tires design that can provide your pet with enough activity room. There are indoor sleeping areas, climbing stairs, a removable rooftop balcony, allowing your dog to relax, exercise and enjoy the outdoor scenery. 

Thus, it is a comfortable house and a cozy family for your pet.

My favorite aspect of this wooden dog house is that the wooden dog house is very easy to set up, which takes about 20 minutes to assemble with all the coming parts.

Why we liked it?

This Merry dog house looked good whether you put it indoor or outdoor. The unique design like balcony for outside rest,  side steps for fitness, removable rooftop for easy cleaning, bring endless love to your pet. It is actually a nice piece of furniture that comforts your dog and brings nice vibes to your home.

7. ASL Solutions Dog Palace for Med to Large Dogs

If you are looking for an insulated dog house for your pet, the ASL solution dog palace is a must-have. 

Unlike the other dog houses that claim to be insulted, this ASL dog house proves its difference with 4 inch thick EPS wall insulation, Meanwhile, there is also a heater cord for the floor heater, which can be used as a complement in winter. 

 Dog house with door is self-closing, and your pet can easily get access through removable lower half. 

Plus, the insulated material is also intended to keep your dog’s house cooler in summer so the dog can live inside all year round.

Why we liked it?

Except for the expensive price, we can say that this heated dog house is really an insulated dog house that is warm in winter and cool in summer. Every part of the design ready to give your dog warmth. Thus, if you prepare to spend hundred dollars on a dog house, it is the best insulated dog house for you.

Different types of dog house

Wooden dog house:

The wooden dog house is the safest and common house that is loved by dogs. As a solid and sturdy material, wood can be designed into any style and paint anything you like to match your home style. Wood houses can keep your dog cozy in different weathers. It provides shade in hot summer and keeps chilly wind and snow out in winter so it can be used both indoor or outdoor. You can buy a wooden dog house from market, and you can also DIY dog house with wood material. Don’t forget the rooftop, windows, ventilated floors, or anything you like.

Metal dog house:

The metal dog house is not very common for dog owners, but if you look for a heavy-duty durable house with long time use, you can turn this one for help.

Made of sturdy metal that can withstand chew, damage or tear, the metal house doesn’t need any maintenance, painting, you just put it in your yard. It is good for hot weather.

Platic dog house:

The plastic dog house is a cost-effective option for dog owners. Compared with the wood and metal house, plastic house is lightweight and easy to transport, which comes at affordable price and with a sturdy structure. Thankfully, plastic material has super insulation on cold days and it is also waterproof on rainy days. The cons of plastic house are it is very hot in summer since the ventilation ability is worse than the other two materials. So remove it into a cool and shady place in summer.

                                                               Features of a good dog house for winter

Let’s face it that although there are plenty of insulated dog houses in the market that claim that they are the best in keeping your dog warm and cozy on chilly days. While choosing the best insulated dog house, you need to understand what features make it to be a good dog house. Here are some of them.


For a well insulated dog house, the first and most important factor should be insulated performance. Generally speaking, the best insulating material is PE foams, which can offer warmth when it chilly outside.

Thick Wall:

Check the thickness of the wall when you buying the dog house, a dog house with a thick wall tends to be better when it comes to keeping the room warm and cozy. In addition, thick walls basically performance better when keeping rain and cold wind away.

Raised Floor:

Here are two main benefits from the raised floor. The first is raised floor can prevent rainwater into dog house and keep the house dry and clean. The other is it makes the sleeping surface warm in cold days and cool in hot days. Since the floor is raised, it is farther away from the ground which is easily raised and down due to weather.


Waterproof is a basic characteristic for all dog houses, but it is a must-have in summer and winter. Because with the accumulate of snow in winter, it may melt into the water once the sun’s up. If you tend to place the house outdoor, make sure to choose the waterproof one.

Except for what we have mentioned before, you also need to think about ease of setting, durability, and cleaning.

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