Top 10 Best Paddle Boards to Buy in 2022

Whether you are interested in doing SUP yoga or just want to have a relaxing paddle on a calm lake or ocean, you will need a good quality paddle board.

Stand up paddleboard (SUP) is becoming highly popular because of its wide range of benefits. Don’t know what SUP is? Let me make it simple for you.

SUP is a water sport where you stand upon an inflatable board or a hard epoxy. These have paddles and fins on the bottom, which helps move them over water waves. Also, it provides a great cardio workout, helps burn extra calories, reduces stress, and boosts vitamin D levels.  

Want to invest in a high-quality paddle board? Here is the list of the top 10 best paddleboards along with a comprehensive buying guide, so, keep on reading!

Best Versatile-ISLE P Inflatable Paddle Board
√Weight capacity: 285 lbs
√Size:10’6″ long x 34″ wide
√Lightweight and durable.
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Most Commercial-Cooyes Inflatable Standup Board
√Weight capacty: 330 lbs
√Size: 10’6″long x 32″wide
√Have all everything included
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Budget-Friendly-Roc Paddle Board with Premium Accessories
√Maximum Weight:350 lbs
√Board weight: 17.5lbs
√Board size:10’long, 32”wide
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Best Durable-Lifetime Hardshell Paddle Board
√Item weight:47 lbs
√Size: 11’ long, 32” wide
√With fiberglass paddle board
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Best Overall-11 Ft Atoll Inflatable Paddle Board
Board size: 11’ long, 32” wide
Weight capacity:350 lbs
All around paddle board
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Best Budget-MAXFLOW SUP Paddleboard
√Size: 10’6”Long and 32”wide
√no-slip soft top
√Cheap paddle board
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Best for Beginners-Goture Fishing Paddle Board
√Board size: 11’ long, 34” wide
√Item weight:37.5 lbs
√Extra double layer PVC material
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Best Design-Gili All Around Paddle Board
√Size:10’6 Long x 31″ Wide
√Max capacity: 280 lbs
√Free returns for 60 days
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Most Fashion-DAMA Inflatable Paddle Board
√Size: 10.6’ long, 32” wide
√Max capacity: 330 lbs
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Best Durable-Bluefin SUP Paddle Board
√Size: 10’8” long, 30.3” wide
√Item weight: 38.8 lbs
√5 year warranty
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1. Best Versatile-ISLE P Inflatable Paddle Board

The ISLE inflatable paddle board is an all-around iSUP made of high-quality material durable enough to last for years. It is suitable for riders of all sizes since it’s neither too small nor too large. Also, ISLE paddle board is light in weight to carry even with one hand without any difficulty.

This ISLE sup is 31 inches wide, and you can comfortably sit on the back. Additionally, it is made by using the Airtech Fusion Lite Technology, which is then fused with a machine laminated high-density military-grade PVC layer. The ISLE paddle board is highly durable, but we suggest you always be careful while packing and unpacking this paddle board. This way, you can further expand the life of the board.

Half of the board’s back is covered by a traction pad that has a good grip so, and it ‘s pet friendly and you can surfing together with your pet. Besides, ISLE sup’s comes with bungee ststem on the front and rear parts so you can easily secure all your belongings to the boards.


  • Made with heavy-duty PVC material
  • Easy to pack/unpack
  • Highly stable and responsive in flat water


  • Has small storage area

2. Most Commercial-Cooyes Inflatable Standup Board

This inflatable paddle board is a spacious board and an ideal option to carry a kid, pet, or light cargo with you. Since it is extra wide so has good stability and will provide you with perfect balance in the water.

In terms of quality, the Cooyes inflatable board will not disappoint you because it is constructed from premium quality material. The stand up paddle board has a strong build so, and it is resistant against scratches and getting damaged.

Moreover, Cooyes sup paddle features a fully functional 2-way inflation system and a double-action air pump to inflate and deflate the board. For most of us, it’s a always a challenge to carry and transport such a SUP board, but this one not the case model.

The Cooyes inflatable stand up paddle board comes with an easy assemble design and contains inbuilt carry handles to transport conveniently. The inflatable paddleboard set comes with military grade material, a 6-foot coiled ankle cuff leash, and an elastic safety rope to latch on. Hence, it is completely safe to paddle and prevent you from falling into the water.


  • Easy to carry
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Good for family use


  • Some customer complain air leaks.

3. Budget-Friendly-Roc Paddle Board with Premium Accessories

If you want to have an affordably priced board without giving up on performance, then Roc inflatable paddle board will be a perfect option for you.

The roc sup is 33 inches wide and 10’5″ feet long so, and it is highly convenient to ride. Even better, the board is designed so that it is suitable to cater to the needs of different paddlers levels and easy to handle when fully inflated.

The Roc board is crafted using military-grade PVC material known for its toughness and durability. Furthermore, it can carry more than 350 lbs. weight making it a great option for all those who want stability and comfort with the greater weight capacity.

The Roc paddle board is enquipped with a round nose and can easily cruise in different water conditions. Also, two-third of the SUP board is covered with a rough diamond grooved EVA traction pad, which further adds to the stiffness and thickness of the board.

Thanks to its industry-leading weight of 17.5 pounds, this Roc paddle board is also friendly to travel. Meanehile, all roc boards come complete with everything you need to get out and enjoy the water right away.


  • Can carry up to 350lbs
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple color options


  • Paint can be improved

4. Best Durable-Lifetime Hardshell Paddle Board

Lifetime Hardshell paddle board has a good design and performs well in various water conditions. It is fast and easy to glide. Compared with other paddle board, hard paddle board is much more reliable beacuse of its high-density polyethylene construction. Therefore, one lifetime paddle board equals several other boards.

Plus, this hard paddle board has a soft top EVA deck that provides dual benefits. First off, it is highly comfortable to use, and secondly, it has good traction to prevent you from slipping. Beside that, hardshell paddle board is UV-protected so, there will be no fading, cracking, and peeling. Not to mention that this board lasts longer than other boards because of its durable construction.

In terms of performance, the lifetime Amped paddle board will not let you down since it has retractable fins. These make it easy to maneuver in different water conditions, so you can also take it as a surf paddle board.Besides, it comes with paddle board paddle, and you don’t need to buy these separately.


  • Fast & Sturdy
  • Well designed board
  • Easy to glide over the water


  • Hard paddle board is heavy than other boards

5. Best Overall-11 Ft Atoll Inflatable Paddle Board

Our list of the top 10 best paddleboards has to be incomplete without 11 Ft ATOLL paddle board. Overall, it is the best inflatable paddle board and has almost everything you need on a board.

An additional layer of PVC is wrapped around this entire board which adds to its rigidity and toughness. Meanwhile, Atoll sup is ultra-light in weight, so you can easily manage to take it in and out of the water.

The top deck of this ISUP is made from EVA foam which is quite comfortable. It also provides you with nonslip rides and makes sure that you don’t get separated from your board even if you fall off. Also, Atoll sup has three-piece fiberglass paddles having a nylon blade. Paddle board paddles are also light in weight, and even beginners can easily learn to paddle this board.

Atoll paddle board contains eight double-strength fins, 15 D-rings, and a tri-fin system. Its front bungee can be tied down without any hindrance. This provides you the space to carry your accessories, which is often not possible while using any other paddleboard.


  • Durable
  • Nonslip comfortable deck
  • Lightweight 3-piece paddle


  • A Bit exoensive

6. Best Budget-MAXFLOW SUP Paddleboard

This paddleboard by MAXFLOW has a highly affordable price and is a great option to consider. Let’s check out its details!

Maxflow is a simple but well-made paddleboard and comes with a nonslip deck. Besides, the board is covered with bungee cords that can hold your important accessories. SP paddleboard has three adjustable paddles that can be easily adjusted according to the height of the paddlers.

Despite having an affordable price, this inflatable stand up paddle board comes with a pump and storage bag so you can conveniently carry it. It is lightweight, but there are not many details about its construction. On inspection, we found that its durability is about average, and you may see the occasional scrape on its surface.

Most of the paddleboard gives you a hard time when it comes to packaging and inflating aboard. However, the MAXFLOW board can be inflated in merely 5-10 minutes, and packing it in a bag pack will take even less time than that.

All in all, the maxflow is a cheap paddle board with good performance.


  • Easy to paddle
  • User-friendly design
  • Affordably priced


  • Sometimes its pump doesn’t work properly

7. Best for Beginners-Goture Fishing Paddle Board

For beginners, it’s quite hard to learn to maintain proper balance on a paddleboard. But what if you have easy to ride the board with good balance? Then your learning process will be less exhaustive. The Goture fishing paddle board is an ideal choice for beginners and works well for advanced riders.

The inflatable paddle board is made from extra double layer PVC starting with its construction and has a maximum load capacity of more than 350 lbs. This weight capacity is enough to carry the gears of a fisher so, it’s ideal for sishing. Moreover, it also come with a free paddle board seat so you can set it for sitting or take it off for stand up.


It is not easy to spend our hard-earned money buying any random product with no guarantee. The good news for you is that Goture paddle board is backed with two years guarantee and their customer service is also great so that you can buy it without any worries. Overall, Goture is a good fishing paddle board that makes your water activities more enjoyable.


  • Durable construction
  • Easy to carry
  • Has two years warranty


  • Its bag pack is of poor quality

8. Best Design-Gili All Around Paddle Board

It is the original model of the GILI that has good stability, tracking and is easy to use. Despite having innovative features, the price of this Gili paddle board is reasonable. Therefore, it is a good choice for paddlers or beginners on a budget.

The width of this board is 31 inches, and its thickness is 6 inches. It is a bit narrow compared to the other paddleboards mentioned on this list. In terms of design, Gili all around paddle board is a good choice and looks great. It also has a new side-mounted paddle holder, a red bungee cargo, and three action mounts.  What I loved most is that this inflatable paddleboard feels like a hard paddle board but with only half of the weight. Therefore, it’s the best paddle board for beginners as well as advanced paddlers.

The parcel comes with a whole ISUP set like a 10′ coiled leash, a dual-action pump, and a nice SUP backpack. Thus, it is a fairly priced and all-around inflatable paddle board so, recommended.


  • Beautifully designed
  • Durable & portable
  • 60 days guarantee and two years warranty


  • Their customer service is not good

9. Most Fashion-DAMA Inflatable Paddle Board

I believe that most of us will recognize this board as a wooden paddle board at first glance. Actually, it’s a super cool paddle board with a wood grain design and comes with almost everything you need to start your paddling journey. There are three sizes available, so you can choose your ideal size according to your requirement.

The dama paddle board considers everything to meet your demand fully. There is an exclusive offer with a Sports Camera Mount on top, so it’s designed for bloggers and everyone who loves to share your joyfulness on social media. Meanwhile, it also has an exclusive shoulder strap so that paddlers can comfortably carry their inflatable paddle board.

The Dama paddle board also comes with a detachable floating paddle, so you don’t worry the paddle will sink. With all these details, the dama paddle board will make your life joyous.


  • Unique faux wood design
  • Good quality board
  • Best for kids & smaller paddlers


  • Faulty air valve

10. Best Durable-Bluefin SUP Paddle Board

The Bluefin paddle board is highly versatile and stable, making it a great option to consider. Below you can check out its build quality, performance, pros, and cons!

Compared with other inflatable paddle boards, this Bluefin is unique. It uses 1000 Denier Exo Surface Laminate PVC and Pro Weave Drop Stitch, so it’s much more durable than most boards on the market.

At the same time, ISUP top deck featured a diamond crocodile pattern made from a comfortable EVA foam traction pad, and it provides an awesome grip. There is a raised kick tail on the rear side of the traction pad; hence, it provides you good control during the advanced maneuvers.

Furthermore, an elastic bungee cord cargo area is positioned on the nose of the board where you can keep your accessories. Bluefin paddle board also contains a convenient grab handle and a GoPro action camera mount. So, you can conveniently capture awesome video footage and on-the-water photos, isn’t that great?

The tail contains a D-ring for attaching a SUP leash, an inflation valve, and a grab handle to easily carry the paddle board over the beach.


  • Well-built board
  • Very stable
  • Highly durable


  • Difficult to carry

Buying Guide

To find the right stand up paddle board for yourself, you need to take care of specific features, like how the SUP will fit your body and handle it in the water. Below I have covered all the main buying points to make the purchasing decision easy for you. So, read this guide carefully!

Body Type

It is highly important to consider the body/hull of the paddleboard. Body type plays a vital role in deciding how the board will perform in the water. Most commonly, stand up boards either contain a displacement hull or a planning hull. Also, some hybrid designs are available that combine the characteristics of displacement and planning hull.

The planing hull is flat and wide. It is more suitable for whitewater, surfing, SUP yoga, and leisure paddling. However, the displacement hull has a pointed nose and is used for racing, SUP touring/camping, or fitness paddling.

Weight Capacity

Every paddle board has its specific weight capacity, and it’s important to know how much weight your paddleboard can carry. If you put more weight in a paddleboard than its capacity, it becomes prone to sinking. So, it’s important to consider your weight and the weight of other accessories you will be carrying on your paddleboard.


The length of the paddle board determines its maneuverability. The short paddle board is almost 8′ long, has a planing hull, and is designed for the kids. At the same time, medium paddle board are 10′-12′ long and ideal for SUP yoga and all-around use.

However, the longboards consist of displacement hulls and are best for touring long distances.


The thickness of a SUP paddle board affects its weight capacity and overall volume so, it’s also important to keep in view while purchasing a paddleboard. Put simply, if you are a smaller person, then a thin board will work great for you.


On the other hand, the width of a paddleboard determines its stability in the water. Skinny boards are less stable, but these have fast speed in the water. The wider boards are good in terms of stability, but they are slower. Also, keep in mind that an extra-wide board will make it difficult for you to paddle.


Fins are important for determining the stability and tracking of a paddleboard. Smaller fins are good in terms of maneuverability. On the flip side, larger fins with wide bases have good stability but are difficult to maneuver.

Some fins are removable, and you can conveniently take those off before storage. The configuration of fins also varies, and some popular SUP fin configurations include single fin, 2+1 set up, and 3-fin set up.

Other Accessories

You will also need some other accessories for your paddleboard, depending on how you use it. Important accessories are following:

  • Mounts/Attachment Points

There are specific attachment points on the SUP for attaching various accessories like seats, rod holders, and cameras. Some boards come with these accessories, while you have to buy these separately in others.

  • Tie-down/Bungee Straps

These are located on the front or rear side of the board. These help you tie down various things like coolers, clothing, and dry bags with your board.


1. What is the best paddleboard for beginners?

The best paddleboard for a beginner is that which fulfills their specific needs. In general, a paddleboard with a high weight capacity is good because it provides greater stability and can be shared with a pet or partner. Also, the inflatable paddle boards are good for beginners since they are easy to use, more budget-friendly, and durable. As for newbies, it is hard to learn to maintain balance, but it becomes quite easy to tackle white water or ocean paddling with an inflatable board.  

2. How do you pick the right size paddleboard?

To determine the right paddleboard size, you should add 9-10 inches in the paddler’s height. Moreover, you need to consider your weight, the type of water where you will paddle, and your experience.

3. Which standup paddleboard is best? Inflatable or Solid?

Inflatable paddleboards are becoming highly popular because of their high-end features. They are easy to pack and unpack. Besides, they come as a package containing a pump, fin, paddle, backpack, and SUP. At the same time, solid paddleboards are difficult to carry and don’t have a user-friendly design.

4. What is the best SUP brand?

We can’t specify any single brand “best” for making paddleboards. However, some SUP brands are producing high-quality paddleboards. These include Hala Gear, BOTE, NRS, Starboard, and Blackfin. Besides, some emerging brands include Glide, Atoll, and ISLE.


This write-up provides you with a complete review of the top 10 best paddleboards you should buy in 2022. We have incorporated the best paddleboards by keeping in view the different types of paddlers, their weight capacity, and other characteristics.

Read this article with full attention to choose the right kind of paddleboards for yourself. Don’t forget to check out the buying guide section to provide you with additional information about paddle boards.

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