Best 8 Ping Pong Table Tennis Table Review

As a great way of exercise, Ping pong plays an important role in getting close to your friends, bonding with co-workers. Well, are you looking for a quality ping pong table to improve your game? In this article, we will review the 8 best ping pong tables and give you a guide in depth. Whether you are searching for a professional table tennis table, or portable ping pong table that can be used both indoor and outdoor, I believe you will find the answer about the best ping pong table. 


Joola Ping Pong Table Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

√15mm MDF surface.
√Easy and quick assemble.
√Compact storage.
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Stiga Ping Pong Table XTR Series Table Tennis Table Indoor/Outdoor

√Dimensions:9 x 5 feet
√6mm surface thickness.
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Md Sports Ping Pong Table Table Tennis Set with Net

√Standard ping pong table size
√Weight: 121.5 Pounds
√Reinforced construction
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Kettler Cabo Outdoor Table Tennis 2X Player Bundle

√With outdoor cover and everything necessary.
√Official tournament size.
√10 years warranty.
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Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table 3/4 Size Table Tennis Table - Space Saver Game Table for Game Room

√Tabletop size: 81” L x 45” W x 30″ H
√100% original assembled.
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Goplus Portable Tennis Table Folding Ping Pong Table Game Set with Net

√Size: 72” L x 36”W x 30″ H
√Weight: 20lbs
√Comprehensive table set.
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JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Mini Ping Pong Table

√Item Dimensions: 39.3 x 39.2 x 4 inches
√Item weight: 50 pounds
√100% pre-assembled
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JOOLA Tetra Ping Pong Pool Table with Net Set

√Standard size:9 x 5 ft
√Assembly time: 3 minutes
√Surface thickness: 12mm surface top
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1. Joola Ping Pong Table Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

As one of the most popular series in the Joola ping pong table, this Joola inside is a commercial option for those who seek for professional tennis table but has a low budget. Comes with pre-assembled, the Joola 15 gets ready for quick assemble and easy use. Because assemble only takes about 10 minutes out of the box. Plus, one of the outstanding featurethat is loved by most users is the 15mm MDF surface which is a competition-grade approved by USA Table Tennis Association. That means the regulation size ping pong table is durable and sturdy enough for years of play. What’s more, The table is with portable and folding design for storage and travel, you can assemble and fold them to save space. More important, to makes the portable ping pong table safer, anti-tilting locking devices and locking system are equipped. Besides, the sturdy steel legs add more stability to this Joola table.
In shorts, Joola ping pong table is a great choice for families to have an indoor ping pong table.


  • Competition grade playing surface.
  • 10 minutes assemble.
  • Locking wheels and Anti-tilting system for safer.
  • Net and post sets.


  • Not include balls and paddles.
  • Poor quality control.

2. Stiga Ping Pong Table XTR Series Table Tennis Table Indoor/Outdoor

As a top brand in the tennis table field, Stiga knows well how to make a good ping pong table, so we choose our favorite Stiga XTR. As it has been getting very positive reviews on Amazon over the past few years, there is something worth talking about.
Built for outdoor use, the XTR has 6mm thick top surface that is all-weather resistant, so it can withstand the test of sun and rain. Hence, the excellent waterproof ability makes it become a perfect addition to the backyard, deck, and outdoor.
Still, there are four oversized wheels on each half of the table, providing flexibility to move the table smoothly. Then you can lock it in place in case of moving away. Contribute to the portable and flexible design, the outdoor ping pong table is easy to travel and storage. So, you can also move it into home and turn it into an indoor ping pong table.
After finish using the table, you can also easily put it away and store it in a compact size.
In addition, the foldable ping pong table comes with a quality ping pong net and post so it is easily detachable and assemble quickly.


  • Thick top surface.
  • All weather resistant.
  • Easy to fold and portable.
  • Reasonable price.


  • A bit heavy
  • Waterproof cover sold separately.

3. Md Sports Ping Pong Table Table Tennis Set with Net

I believe many customers choose this MD sports ping pong table because you get everything to start play. Coming with 8 pieces sets includes regulation-size ping pong table, 2 paddles, 2 balls, 1 net, and 1 post set, you can play tennis in about 10-15 minutes.
With the same thickness of tournament ping pong tables, the MD sports also has a thickness of 15mm which can give great ball bounce for consistent.
As we mentioned before, the foldable ping pong table is easy to store anywhere. The MD sport tennis table is also in fold-up design, you can leave it in the corner to save up space. Plus, the playback position is available for single player games or fast-action play, different play ways offer different funs.

To sum up, for the price MD sports table tennis cost, it is quite a budget friendly piece that has the necessary pieces to start with a game. We recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mean to spend too much money on a full-size ping pong table.


  • All necessaries come included.
  • Regulation size ping pong table
  • Have different colors to choose from.
  • Affordable price.
  • Durable and reliable structure.


  • The quality of paddle needs to be improved.

4. Kettler Cabo Outdoor Table Tennis 2X Player Bundle

Kettler ping pong table earns a great reputation with top quality and excellent features. One of the sellpoint of Cabo is the playing surface. As one of the best outdoor ping pong table, the top surface is weatherproof which resistant to UV, scratch, and fade. Meanwhile, the TEC5 provides a true ball bounce. The Kettler table tennis table is also featured with SMOOTH TRAX and a locking system for extra safety. Contribute to iconic Kettler technology, the whole durable and strong structure can withstand decades years of use. In addition, each legs design with an integrated floor leveler so it is very stable on the uneven floor in your backyard.
Furthermore, setting up and closing is also very easy for the table uses one piece centrefold design. That means it only only takes seconds to open and close, but also ensures the table is in a safe locked position when it not use.
The last thing I want to hit on is that the parcel comes with two Player bundles. Unlike the cheap-made bundle attached, each Kettler paddle is well made with lightweight material that is with great durability and weather resistance.

Based on its expensive price, the Kettler ping pong is an ideal option for ping pong enthusiasts or a place where a table is getting a lot of action.


  • Excellent tabletop performance.
  • One Hand Opening Mechanism.
  • 10 years warranty.


  • Expensive price.

5. Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table 3/4 Size Table Tennis Table - Space Saver Game Table for Game Room

When you don’t have enough space for a standard size tennis table, the best alternative is 3/4 size table. I believe butterfly table tennis comes the first choice with simple design, superior quality, and trustful brand.

The small ping pong table is compact, foldable with a simple configuration that can give your leisure to make your family engage ping pong game. Though 3/4 in size, the Butterfly junior gives the feel of a regulation table. The tabletop thickness is 12 mm, thicker than the full size table, making it not suit for the serious player. Combined with two separate halves, each table has sturdy foldable legs. You can just joint the halves and unfold legs then start your games. It is truly simple and quick to assemble. Not to mention the compact storage design and easy transport wheels.

As a reputed brand in table tennis, Butterfly ping pong table is worth investigating for its reasonable price, superior quality, and space-saving.


  • Saving space.
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble.
  • Safety protective corners.


  • Not for serious players.

6. Goplus Portable Tennis Table Folding Ping Pong Table Game Set with Net

This portable folding ping pong table is quite popular among tennis beginners who like to travel a lot. Since it can be folded in half and carried with a handle, the table is widely applied to both outdoor table tennis and indoor table tennis. You can also take it to the picnic and friends’ house to enjoy the fun of ping pong. Although it’s lightweight, the high-quality aluminum structure can also ensure its stability and durability. The professional ping pong surface that is made with multi-layer gives extra bounce so you can take a short break with and enjoy the standard tennis play here.

In addition, compared with most portable table out there, this Goplus is really cheap. The only reason is that it is much smaller than a standard ping pong table size with a size of 72” L x 36”W x 30″ H. Besides the net is detachable, the table is of multi-functional use. It can place at home as a living room desk or at the workplace as a working table.

Overall, the Goplus tennis table is an ideal option for beginners to have fun, with its cheap price and multi functions, you will nerve regret buying one.

Overall, the GoSports folding ping pong table is ideal for fun, recreational players who want a table thats easy to store away as it is to toss in the car


  • Compact storage
  • Portable design with easy carry handle.
  • Lightweight and easy to move.
  • Have all necessary playing items.
  • Of multifunctional use.


  • Not a famous brand
  • Smaller than standard size.

7. JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Mini Ping Pong Table

This JOOLA table tennis is the best portable table tennis that suits small spaces. It has a size of 2/3 of the ITTF standard ping pong table size that can be competitive with the brands that coat above $400.

The mini ping pong table is quite popular among teenagers and those who live in limited spaces like a small apartment, small office, and small living room. The midsize allows you to exercise at home with your family and friends.

Moreover, a midsize portable ping pong table is always 100% pre-assembled, so that it is easily put up and fold like a card table. Plus, the mini size of each piece enables you to store it under the bed, making it ideal for use and storage.


  • With different functions of multi-use.
  • Design for small space.
  • Compact storage.


  • Not for long time use.
  • Many customers received broken table.

8. JOOLA Tetra Ping Pong Pool Table with Net Set

Divided into four pieces in total. the JOOLA pool ping pong table provides an easy way to have tennis games. You can just place it on the surface of the pool, dining table, or even air hockey, with whom the minimal size is 7 x 3 ft. The table is very easy to set up with only three minutes.

The JOOLA Tetra has a full size of 9 ft x 5 ft and each piece is made up of two separate halves that can be folded up into compact size when it is not in use. Besides, the surface of the ping pong table is 12mm so it can withstand daily play.

To sum up, this ping pong table top for the pool table is reasonable with a low cost. It is an entry-level surface that can ready for ping pong play quickly.


  • standard ping pong table size.
  • Separate table halves for compact storage.
  • Lightweight and easy to take.


  • Can not use alone.
  • Not well packed.
Important factors to consider when buying a ping pong table

Since there are so many features that you should know when buying a ping pong table, you should think about the factors that may affect your game.

Indoor ping pong table or outdoor ping pong table

Before buying, the first thing that comes into your mind is that where do you plan to place your table? Are you willing to place it in ping pong room or do you prefer to place it outside in your garden? If you are flexible to use, you can get an indoor outdoor ping pong table for all environment use. 

Available space for a ping pong table

Since a ping pong table takes up too much space, one needs to take it seriously when choosing a new table, especially for an indoor ping pong table. A regulation size ping pong table often measures about 9.0 ft long by 5.0ft wide, so measure your room twice before checkout.

Top surface thickness:

Thickness is a vital factor that can affect the consistency of ball bounce, so you should always try to get as thick as you can afford. The indoor and outdoor table has difference in thickness since the outdoor table has a waterproof coating surface, meaning it can provide better bounce although it’s not as thickness as indoor surface. We strongly recommend thickness that is above 16 mm and outdoor thickness above 5 mm.

The quality of frame:

It is very common that the frame quality determines the life service of your table. Since the table is often removed, you should pay more about frame stability. When you have enough budget, I recommend you to consider the galvanized steel legs and frame which will not be damaged by wet weather.

Quick and easy set-up:

How long to put the ping pong table often determine the best ping pong table because the easy setup table can get you to play tennis table quickly. Fortunately, most of the tennis tables are shipped in pre-assembled condition for easy transport. It takes only about 40 minutes to set it up.

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