Shower Standing Handles Buying Guide

A shower standing handle is always highly recommended if you think about adding something to the bathroom. Shower standing handles are grab bars for showers which can give extra support for anyone when getting and moving to the bathroom. Since the bathroom often gets wet and slippery, it has a potential risk of falling down. While the shower grab bar can give physical support and greatly increase stability. As one of the most bathroom accessories, the shower standing handle not only plays an important role in bathroom safety but also as a special decor to supplement your room design. With so many chic and stylish grab bars on the market, adding a bathroom grab bar to make your bathroom safer for elders and children is a smart choice.

Moen Home 24-Inch Stainless Grab Bar for Shower
● Material: premium stainless steel
● Weight capacity: 500 pounds
● hassle free installation
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Gotega 2 Pack Shower Grab Bar
● value for money
● Different length available
● One year replacement warranty
Check Price
Budding Joy 2 Pack Strong Shower Grab Bars Suctions
● For smooth and clean surface
● Easy to install
● Portable and removable
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Moen 30-Inch Flip-Up Shower Standing Handle
● Flip-up design
● Life-long warranty
● Meet ADA requirement
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Amazon Basics GBAR-150-18 Grab Bar, 18-Inch, Stainless Steel
● Friendly to small hands
● Complies with ADA Standards
● Supports up to 500 Lbs
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Vive Grab Bar for Bathtubs and Showers
● 5 different colors to choose
● Strong and durable stainless steel material
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AquaChase 2-Pack 17inch Suction Shower Grab Bar
● 90% ABS+10% Silastic
● Visible color indicate
● No tool required installation
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Moen 16-Inch Screw-in Curved Grab Bar with Built-in Shelf
● Curved grab bar with shelf
● Support up to 250 lbs
● 16 inches length, 1 inch diameter
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grab bars for seniors

Everyone will grow old, and life is full of challenges for elders, especially on some small chores. Do you notice that some elders have difficulty in taking a shower, especially getting in and out of the shower? Based on the study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), three million elders fall down and receive treatment each year, while among these falling occident, 37% took place in the bathroom. Therefore, The DCD highly recommends those who have a risk of falling down install shower standing handles around the bathroom.

Showerheads Types and Height

There are more than one types of shower head for sale, before we get into the point of shower handles, we need to get to know the basic information of showerhead. Only in this way, can you check twice which shower standing heandles suit your home and what height is corret.

Handheld Showerheads VS Overhead Showerheads

Handheld Showerheads

portable shower head

The handheld showerhead is one of the most popular showerheads. It is specially designed for children and those who need extra control over showering. This showerhead type is handy for water spray no matter the user is tall or short.

Therefore, there is no standard height for a handheld shower as long as it’s easy to reach for all users. For children and short people, a lower height is much easier to access without effort. So the 72 inches of standard shower height from the floor is only a reference for you. You can adjust it according to your needs.

Overhead Showerheads

The overhead showerhead is time honored showerhead that is mounted overhead. And it is also called rain showerhead. Just as the name goes, it will give you a luxury showering experience like you’re standing in the rain. The only difference is you will experience a cosy warm rain. An overhead showerhead is a type of fixed head in place with a long metal pipe above your head. The water is pouring down like rain with great strength. This kind of showerhead can not be removed, nor can be held it in your hand. For the rain shower head, the standard height is about 82 inches. You can adjust the height based on your family members.

How to Choose Shower Standing handles?

To make it clear, shower standing handle refers to a grab bar that can help others stand upright from a seated position. Hence, it comes in different types and sizes of bars and different functions. So to better choose the grab bars for showers, we cover this article. Before you pay the bills, let’s figure it out.

Removable shower handle VS fixed shower handle

suction grab bars for showers

Here are two different shower standing handles for sale, removable shower handle and fixed shower handle.

The removable shower handle wins with its flexibility. It can be easily replaced and can be used for travel. But the removable one can is not as secure as the fixed one because it supports the body through shower grab bars suction. So it’s not safe for the overweight.

On the contrary, the fixed shower handle is more stable. Once installed, it is not easily removed if not placed in the perfect spot. Once removed, you need to repair the holes.

Which shower bar size is better

Since the shower bar size cover from 9 inches to 42 inches, you may feel confused when picking one. Just remember the words: The longer, the better.

Because the longer shower standing handle can provide better support and security, if you choose bathroom grab bars for elderly, the longer bars are much more practical than the small bars. We recommend at least 12 inches for the shower handle, and 24 inches for handle that get in and out of the bathroom.

Shower Grab Bar Height

Once you choose the right shower standing handle, you will face another question of what comfortable shower grab bar height is. While it all depends on who uses it. The principle of height choice is comfortable. It’s good ideal to have the shower standing handle at the same height as the tap. And let the people who are using it have a try at different heights.

As long as it’s easy to reach, it will do to work on them.

The standard grab bar height will rely on whether or not you’ve got a bath or a shower. If you take a bath, the height will be much lower since you need the height of the faucet. So the common bath height is about 28inches. While for a removable shower handle, it’s much easier. You can adjust different heights until you find a comfortable height to grasp.

Check The Weight Limit

Different bathroom handlebars are designed for different weight ranges of people. So check the weight limit to make sure it can support the targets. Maybe your slim mother doesn’t need the heavy-dust shower bar, but the overweight father needs it. So it’s necessary to check the weight limit in case of danger.

Vertical or Horizontal

Which shower handrails are safer? Verticle or horizon? Based on the South Canterbury District Health Board, the handrail for safety and getting in and out of the bathroom should be vertical. And the bottom height should be at the elbow when standing with your arms at your sides.

Regarding the shower’s security, horizontal rails work better for balance, which should be installed on the shower wall side at belly button height. Thus, the horizontal hand rails can be used for standing in the shower and stepping into the shower.

Meet ADA standards

When you look for shower safety bars, you may notice that some are with an ADA standard label, which means they are compliant with or exceed standards set by the ADA. These products should have the following specification:

  • The bathroom safety bar is made of premium 18-gauge stainless steel. On the cover, there is a round snap.
  • The grab bar has a diameter of 1.25-1.5 inches in width. Because small hands are easy to grasp and it’s ideal for home use.
  • The load capacity of the shower safety handle can reach 500lbs, and the allowing space between the bar and wall is 1.5 inches.

We highly recommend you to choose the ADA shower grab bars, which are safer and more robust.

Factors Should Be Taken into Consideration

  • Material: A lot of materials can be used for making grab bars for the shower, like ABS material and stainless metal. ABS material is lightweight and durable, but the supporting ability falls behind the stainless handle. However, the metal material is strong and anti-corrosion, and the handle feeling is not as good as the material.
  • Weight: Always remember to check the weight limit before purchase to make sure that the grab bar can support you.
  • Room space: Small bar is designed for small spaces, while, a large bar is for standard or large showers. So make sure the bar length fit your bathroom.
  • Needs: Each person’s needs will vary, so whether you need it to help you get in and out of the shower or you need support while showering or bathing.

8 Shower Standing Handles Reviews

#1 Moen Home 24-Inch Stainless Grab Bar for Shower

This Moen shower standing handle is a great grab bar for shower. Whether you prepare it for seniors or children, it will give users plenty of space to grasp when they step in or out of showers. Thanks to the premium stainless steel, this bathroom grab bar can withstand a weight of up to 500 lbs. In speaking of its outlook, the shower standing handle can match the decor of most bathrooms.

Plus, the Stainless finish delivers a lightly brushed warm grey metallic look, and concealed screws ensure a fashionable look. When it comes to installation, this Moen shower standing handle is born for hassle-free installation, which means it’s versatile and perfect for any bathroom. Users give great pride to this bar on Amazon, and more than 80% of reviews give it a 5-star rating.

#2 Gotega 2 Pack Shower Grab Bar

If you are looking for grab bars for elderly, shower grab bars for seniors, kids, normal people or handicap shower bars, Gotega 2 pair shower gsupport bars are budget options for users. You can get two bars at the price of one. With two bathroom safety bars available at once, you can install them anywhere around your bathroom. These bars have 12-48 inches long configurations, and you can pick among them based on your need.

More, these 304 stainless steel shower handles are durable and reliable, with maximum support of up to 500lbs. Hence, you can significantly prevent elders and children from slipping, falling and other accidents.

#3 Budding Joy 2 Pack Strong Shower Grab Bars Suctions

This shower grab bars suction is the perfect bath safety item for anyone who needs that extra confidence and assistance to balance themselves getting in or out of the tub or shower. Unlike the fixed shower standing handles, these suction grab bars can be only applied to the smooth and clean walls, so these suction cup grab bars for shower can not support the full body weight. As the suction grab bars have comfortable grip handles, it can be placed on walls that are easy to reach. Shower grab bars suction wins a great reputation with its portable and removable specifications.

You can use the placement as an attachment, and removal are extremely easy with no tools required. As a result, you need to frequently check before each use as the suction will lose its strength over time.

#4 Moen 30-Inch Flip-Up Shower Standing Handle

This is a strong flip-up shower standing handle for the bathroom. It can provide a safe, steady handhold while occupying less space. The special filp-up design can make it up and down as required. The bar will be flip away when not needed and is ready in a flash for anyone who does need it. So it’s more flexible and space-saving. With a length of 30 inches in total, the shower standing handle is easy to access. Even better, because of the good quality and proper design, the bathroom handlebars can support a significant amount of weight, up to 300lbs.

Still, there are two finishes available: glacier or stainless. Both finishes won’t look out of place in your bathroom and offer your bathroom a stylish look. Last but not least, it’s an ADA shower grab bar comes with a lifetime warranty.

#5 Amazon Basics GBAR-150-18 Grab Bar, 18-Inch, Stainless Steel

This is basic grab bars for shower with great value. The Amazon basic shower standing handle has a great chic look with a stainless steel finish and in-style design. It meets the ADA shower grab bar requirements and supports a weight of up to 500 pounds. Unlike the Moen grab bar, this amazon bar has 1.25 inches and 1.5 inches diameter, which is more friendly to small hands. Everything like mounting screws and guides is included in the parcel, and you can follow the installation guide to finish the installation quickly.  

#6 Vive Grab Bar for Bathtubs and Showers 

If you are looking for a basic grab bar for the bathtub wall, this vive grab bar is a great option not only for bathroom but also for the toliet, kitchen.

This vive shower standing handle is made of sturdy metal that is able to support up to 500 lbs. No matter whether your has a fiberglass shower or drywall surface, shower bar installation is a piece of cake. Meanwhile, Vive includes all the necessary screws and anchors, so customers don’t need to buy other accessories.

More, there are 5 different colors and 3 length sizes to choose, and you can easily select one that fits your room and your home decor.

I highly recommend this vive shower standing handle to those who need support in the bathroom.

#7 AquaChase 2-Pack 17inch Suction Shower Grab Bar

If you’re looking for a convenient grab bar, why not consider AquaChase suction grab bars in pairs. As with other suction cup bars, you must install it on a flat, smooth and non-porous surface. But what makes AquaChase grab bars suction cups different is its color indicator so the elder can easily catch it on the wall. Aquachase is quite portable and easy to install, you can install, remove and reinstall these suction cup grab bars without any tools and without causing damage to your bathroom walls.

That means this product is only for balance aids, not for full body weight.

#8 Moen 16-Inch Screw-in Curved Grab Bar with Built-in Shelf

Add extra safety with this curved grab bar with a shelf in your bathroom. This safety bar is designed for saving space in a small bathroom, and the built-in rack keeps bath products close at hand. Besides, the tray is removable, which can be taken out to keep it clean. The Moen shower handle bar measures 16 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter that makes it accommodates hands of all sizes and supports up to 250 pounds. 

Moreover, the shower safety handle features a convenient SecureMount, so it’s easy to install. I recommend this for a small bathroom for more storage space.

Shower Grab Bar Installation

Since Suction-type handles are self -sucking with cup, you just find a flat surface to secure it and check it often. Bathroom grab bar installation is only required for fixed shower handle. Before installation, you need to have required tools and basic carpentry skills. Here I have listed some FAQ to give you some help.

Where Should I Place My Bathroom Grab Bar?

You can place the shower standing handle at anywhere as long as there’s enough room and it’s safe to use. It must be contatced to wall studs for sturdy and user can easily see it and catch it when needed. You should take elder and children into consideration to make full use of it. Here are the specifics for installing bars for various areas in the bathroom.

  • Toilets: Place two bars on the toliet wall, one is about 5 -6 inches above the seat that parallel to the floor. This bar should be with a least length of 32inches long. Other bar is vertical to the end of this horizontal bar. This bar should at least 16 inches long and firmly screwed int the stud.
  • Stall Showers:The bar should be placed along the side wall for horizontal installation and a bit above waist height (about 34 inches). So with one hand grabbing the enter bar, the user should easily get in. The other bar should be attached near the faucet handle and vertical to the faucet end wall so user can steady adjust the water flow and shower head.
  • Bathtub combos:The setup has Combos setup has a similar need to the stall shower but has different bar requirements. The entrance bar is the same vertically but opposite the faucet wall. And the horizontal bar that’s attached to the side wall should be as long as possible and installed a little lower, about 30 inches from the tub floor.

 What Size Shower Bar Should I Get?

Actually, there is no standard size for a grab bar as long as it is easy to use. If you have a large bathroom, we recommend you install a longer grab bar for safety. Some showers equip one in the room, and you can add another one for more use.

Is It Safe to Attach Shower Handles to Tiled Wall?

Shower handles can be attached to the tiled wall, but to make it safe, the shower standing handle should be installed to the studs inside the wall.

For suction or temporary shower bar, it is a good ideal to attch the tiled wall since the surface is smooth and non-porous. But to make sure the removable shower standing handle attch to the wall firmly, you should check it often.

Final Thoughts

Although anyone can use the shower standing handles, they can provide the most benefit to elders or people with limited mobility. It can provide support and stability to your loved ones and ensure their safety when they enter or out of the shower. That is all based on you installing the shower bar correctly. So shower standing handle will make your bathroom a much safer, slip-free place. We do help this blog help you to find the best shower grab bar to get the maximum level of support and help prevent injury.

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